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2013 Easy Holiday Hairstyles Trends for This Winter

2013 holiday is coming up. Many wonderful things happen in the season, such as dating, parties and family reunion. Once those invitations come all the way to you, you need to think about your whole look. Among the whole look parts, such markup, dressing and accessories, holiday hair styles are what you need to carefully think about. So we collected easy styles that take you little time and effort but work for any special occasions. It is great for you to have at least one of them or you can bookmark the post for your next visit. The following styles are a little more formal, but are still time-saving. Create formal, romantic and chic look. If you happen to have quite short hair, and even one month later, your hair still cannot grow long enough to have your desire hair cuts in the following. Do not worry! Turn to 14 to 24 inches hair extensions to have your desired length.

half up hairstyles ideas

Big Loose Curls

Top big loose curls are pulled up black and tired up to be balanced with the two-side left down hair. Secure your hair with hair pins. Leave a few stands of big curls on two-side for face-framing looks.

big loose curls ideas

half up waves

big loose curls tutorials

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Long Ombre Curly Extensions for Half up Hair Styles

Top Knot

Messy top knot is for elegant looks. The style is all the time fashion forward. Secure your long big curls into a ponytail on top of your head. Then twist the already-done ponytail around the ponytail root. Apply a matching hair color pin to secure the knot.

messy updos

messy updos collections

messy updo collections

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top knot tutorials

Cute Low Ponytail

Curled low ponytail is always fashion-forward, never goes out of fashion. Pull back one-side curls and secure it with pins. Then pull back the other side hair to meet the pins. During the step 2 processing, one thing with care is to fold the hair to cover the hobby pins. Apply one more pin into the fold to secure the hair. Gather together the remaining hair into a low ponytail. Secure it with a elastic that matches your hair color. The last step is to use middle size of the ponytail to wrap the section of hair as many times as you can around the elastic, and then use a small hair pin to secure.

low ponytail collections

low ponytail tutorials

Low ponytail covers many more styles, such as one side braided ponytail, double French braid and straight sleek ponytail. Remember, sleek ponytail looks best with straight hair.

a sleek ponytail tutorials

sleek  ponytails

braided ponytail

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