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2014 Dip Dye Hair Colors

Dip dye and ombre is different from each other. Girls often get them mixed up, and today we are going to tell the difference between dip dye and ombre hair colors. First of all, let us know something of them in common: dark roots and light ends. The biggest difference is that ombre has gradual color change, while dip dye creates a rather bold contrast.

new dip dye hair looks with hair extensions

Both dip dye and ombre have best looks on mid-length and long hair for an attractive look. Dip dye has one more advantage than ombre, and that is dip dye does not take a lot of dye so that you can save money on trying new colors for a hair color look.

Dip dye has many kinds: covering multi-colors, a bright one color dip dye, and a natural dip-dye. Dip dye colors can go from bold to mild. Bold colors include red, blue, green, purple and so on. While Natural dip dyes colors cover blonde, brown, looking very mild and natural.

Best Dip Dye Hair Colors 2013~2014

Red Dip Dye

Red shades are so far the most popular colors for dip dye hair colors. No matter you have dark hair, pure blonde hair, or brunette hair colors, red color shades as dip colors will go against your top hair color, creating an amazing hair color looks.

straight coloured multi-tonal blue red dip-dye hair colors

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red dip dye wavy long hair styles 2014

edgy funky dark and trendy red dip dye hair colors 2014

Jessie J red dip dye styles with daring bright red ends

Long curly Blonde Red Dip Dye 2014 from vpfashion

Blue Dip Dye

Blue color is another hot option for dip dye. Wearing long blue color roots hair will help catch great attention from girls while walking on streets.

golden blonde top color blue ends dip dye styles for 2014 new hair looks

Colored Blonde Top Blue Ends Dip Dye 2014

Green Blue Dip Dye curly Hair styles

blue dip dye style

Purple Dip Dye

Purple is an elegant color. Purple dip dye hair colors are not only trendy, elegant, but also show off your personality. Pursuing your identity in 2014 is done by trying purple dip dye hair colors.

light hair color roots gradual into purple dip dye hair styles looks

black or blonde roots going gradually into purple ends dip dye 2014

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