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2015 Balayage Hairstyles Trends at blog.vpfashion.com

Balayage has graduated and natural hair looks. The style is able to transform dark dry hair into shiny, sunkissed strands. Over years, the trend is still going strong.  Both celebrities and ladies at blog.vpfashion.com tried the ombre style. We collect some gorgeous ombre balayage hairstyles worn by girls on instragram. Hopefully, you can get inspiration for your 2015 brown / black ombre hair with highlights .

caramel brown balayage hair with lighlights 2015


Tinavuoloo tells her fans that she changes her hair into a little more blonde with a vpfashion ombre&balayage extension. She likes the sun-kissed hair color. The style: 20inches 160g ombre&highlights in 27# (Honey Blonde). http://instagram.com/p/tKrok4PEVW/

Use ‘tinavuoloo’ for $8 off.

ombré & highlights hairstyles


Ladivadeltubo styled vpfashion ombre&highlight hair extension for balayage hair color looks. Her fans love her new hair color looks. It is really a cool look. The style: IH05B3027S 5# (Medium Brown) with highlights 27s#(Sparkling Amber) & 30#(Light Auburn)  Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/tC_cq5vEZY/

Use ‘ladivadeltubo’ for $7 OFF.

brown ombre and highlight hairstyles

medium ash brown light cool browm balayage hair extensions medium ash brown light balayage hair extensions$109

light brown balayage highlights clip in hair extensions light brown balayage clip in hair extensions$109


Is it long enough? Tierneyellen wears long and thick balayage hairstyles with the help of vpfashion hair extensions. She enjoys the look very much. On her instagram channel, she tells us that she doesn’t need extensions for length bc her hair pretty long already but these give her much more volume she needs and since they’re ombre look without having to dye her hair nay more. http://instagram.com/p/rAIs4yvEQ_/

The style: 24inches 260g ombre customized Top 27# (20%) & Highlights 30# and 27#

brown ombre and highlights hair colors and styles looks


Wow, it flies with the wind. It shines in the sunshine. The sparkling amber is highlighted on selected strands of vpfashion hair extensions. After applying the hair tool, long thick sun-kissed hair style is achieved without having to dye your own hair. http://instagram.com/p/qCQ8e3PEUT/

The customized style: 22inches 220g ombre 4# (medium reddish brown 60%) – 27s# (Sparkling Amber 40%) & highlight #27A (Sunflower Blonde 10%).

brown hair with highlighted sparkling amber strands


Vintagedolls sets us an example of maintaining a short hair and creating luscious locks. If you are a girl preferring short hair and want to change for long style once in a while, you can enjoy the freedom with vpfashion extensions. http://instagram.com/p/tAixwOvEZW/

The style: 24inches 260g 3# (55%) – 27s# (45%) with highlights (27# and 30#, 15%)

ombre and higlight hair extensions to create long and balayage hairstyles

Long Balayage Hairstyle

Do you like the long and balayage highlighted hair look above? Want to achieve the cool look effortlessly? Enjoy our customized human hair extensions. You just need to send us your own photos to service@vpfashion.com. Our professional customer service will help you get the natural and gorgeous hair look. Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/stCeTqPEQP/

brown hair with blonde highlights

Brown Ombre and Brown Blonde Highglights

Fall in love with the ombre and highlights hair look? The color is very natural and eye-catching. Want to have a try for the coming Christmas? Send your hair photos to our customer team and tell us your requests for the look.                                                                                                                                           Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/sSYGGmvEV0/


natural ombre and balayage hairstyles looks

brown blonde highlights ombre clip in remy hair extensions brown blonde highlights ombre hair extensions$109

loose waves brown hair blonde highlights india human hair extensions ms0530a613 brown hair blonde highlights hair extensions$109

Sun-kissed Balayage Looks 

Want to have the hairstyle and color for 2015 hairstyle look? The color looks like being kissed by sun. In spring of 2015, it is a bright warm color for a new beginning. We do the color customization with 100% human hair extension.                                                                                                                   Photo Source: http://instagram.com/p/rzKHlpPEXI/

Balayage highlight wavy hairstyles

Brunette Sparkling Amber Highlights

The sun-kissed style looks so elegant with the color solution of brunette 27S# Sparkling Amber highlights. To be honest, this is my fav. It’s very minor look yet eye-catching. Want to customize the style? Send us your requests to service@vpfashion.com!                                                                     Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/qkuzEOPEe5/

Sparkling Amber highlights for new year looks

Brunette Balayage Hair style

Like the brunette balayage hair style? The highlight style works like catching the sunlight on the top layers. It seems to be styled within a long period of time because of the delicate look. In fact, it is a low-maintenance look. Modern and low-maintenance~~~ I just can’t wait to try.         Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/qcy5bkPETy/

Brunette Balayage hair colors for 2015 hairstyles looks

dark brown balayage hair with light brown highlights 2015 black balayage hair with brown highlights 2015 caramel brown balayage hair with lighlights 2015 chocolate brown balayage hair with highlights

Balayage Braided Hairstyles

Braiding balayage hairstyle looks young, natural and super-trendy. The braided half up hairstyle with balayage color in the photo above looks long and thick. It is very chic, girlish and stunning. Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/qVQ7OmPEVX/

balayage highlights hair colors with perfect curls


brown balayage blonde highlights hair extensions brown balayage blonde highlights hair extensions$109

medium brown with highlights indian remy hair extensions medium brown with highlights indian remy hair extensions $109

ombre brown with highlights hair extensions ombre brown with highlights hair extensions$109

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