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20inches Three-tone Ombre Straight Extensions Hair for Party Hairstyles

Uso520 at vpfashion, uss147 at blog.vpfashion has three colors: black brown and blond. The one in the photo has #1b top color, #3 middle colors, and #27 bottom color. The color proportion is 25% top color, 40% middle color and 35% bottom color. Darkest black at top fades gradually into lighter brown color in the middle, and then goes naturally into much lighter blonde color. Due to 100% real human hair, the one looks very natural and fashionable. Besides desired length and larger volume to your existing hair, three color tones will refresh your life in new year. It is absolutely a wonderful choice to make special occasion hair styles in New Year, since there are many parties, such as Christmas, family gathering and friends’ reunion, ready for you.

Ombre Straight 20 inches Three Color Hair Color Clip on Extension Human hair

real product sample and its color number in color chart

Holiday is a wonderful time for new change and new try, since you have more free time and energy, away from study or work. Parties in holiday give you perfect opportunities to experiment with inspiring ombre hair styles. Celebrity is always a goal to lean from when it comes to hot dress code and hair styles. Here we collect stunning celebrities photos on styling advices related to our style in photo. Audrina patridge, Lacey Schwimmer, khloe kardashian and many more have tried three-tone ombre for public looks.

black roots middle brown blonde ends long ombre extensions hair for long hair looks 2014

Khloe Kardashian Black Brown Blond Ombre Straight Fuller Hair Looks

Celebrity Three Color tone Ombre Wavy for long hair styles 2014

We have many youtube gurus tried and recommend the one too. What they ordered are inspired by the sample. They make minor adjustments to the existing one, such change on color, color proportion and hair texture. Let us take a look.

Vpfashion blog ombre human hair extensions for straight and wavy hair styles looks

youtube guru recommended top #1b middle #3 bottom #27 human hair extensions for long hair looks 2014

Straihgt Long Fuller Thick Ombre Color Hair Style 2014 Looks

 Try the ombre one to have inspiring hair styles above

Twenty-fifth July in 2013, Christina Rose, one of our youtube gurus, launched a video on vpfashion extensiosn to make 2 Easy Summer Hairstyles. Click here to take a look at.

black brown blonde long ombre hair extension for wavy ponytail highlights

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