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3 Easy Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair with Brown Hair Extensions

Wedding is one of the most special occasions for every girl and they all want to look good on this charm moment of their lives. It is like a rebirth for girls and they can get a completely new identity from that day. There are so many things to be taken into consideration before the ceremony like the delicate dress, make-up, jewelry, decoration of the place and the hairstyle. Hairstyle may not be the very priority element in the list of wedding preparations, but it can bring a huge effect on the look of bridal. If you are a girl who is planning your wedding at the moment or you are someone who has been invited to a happy wedding ceremony, there are lots of options that you can taken into consideration.

  brown hair style for wedding with brown colored hair extensions

Wedding hairstyles for long hair are numerous and they can even be done very quickly in an easy form of letting it loose naturally. Determining how to wear your hair on your big day is a serious decision. If your natural hair is short or thin, you are strongly suggested to apply the clip in human hair extensions which can blend with your natural hair in a perfect way. If you are skilled enough, they cannot be told from your natural hair even by your closed friends. In today’s post, I have prepared some pictures about the way hairstyles for wedding with brown colored hair and some of you who are interested in can have a try. All of them are very easy to follow even without detailed tutorials and don’t forget the brown hair extensions if your need help.

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The following are today’s photos for your reading.

*    Center-parting and natural-down

If you have a long and brown hair, you can choose to let it down and flow naturally to show off the special beauty of those flowing locks. It is a nice choice for girls with a round face because the flowing natural hair can help to shape your face so that it can look longer and leaner. 20 inch hair extensions may do you a favor if you want to achieve this hairstyle. It is very suitable for girls who are going to wear a strapless gown.

wedding decoration for 2014

wedding decoration 2014

natural open hairstyle by clip on wavy human hair extensions

center-parting for wedding by clip in long brown hair extension for short hair

wavy loose hair for bridal 2014 with clip in best and great brown hair extensions

brown wavy hair with cheap human hair extensions clip in

beautiful wavy hair for girls with clip on 18 inch brown natural hair extensions

natural loose wavy brown hair by clip on remy and cheap 20 inch brown hair extension

wedding hairstyle 2014  for bridegroom


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long 24 inch wavy human hair extension 135g usw324 long 24 inch wavy human hair extension 135g usw324CHECK PRICE


** Side swept fringe with long curly

Despite from the previous hairstyle, side-swept curly hair in a long length can add enough sexy feeling to the whole appearance. Girls who are planning to wear veil in your wedding can try this one. When the veil is floating with wind, the sexy long brown curly hair will look more charming and amazing. It can be styled with medium or longer hair. 18 inch brown hair extensions are enough for you.

decoration of wedding 2014

sexy culry hairstyle for wedding by clip in great lengths hair extensions for short hair

side-wept curly hair for bridal 2014 with clip on best and natural hair extensions

medium curly wedding haitstyle with 16 inch brown real extension clip on


***Try styling your hair with braids

Braids have the similar status as the classic updo. We have already talked many kinds of braids in the previous posts and you can check them for a deep reading. After you finish a delicate braid, you can make your wedding hairstyle strand out on the big day by applying decorative hairpins, flowers and beaded accessories.

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easy braided hair for wedding with clip on remy brown hair extension

braided ponytail with flower for wedding and clip in brown 20 inch hair extensions

cute braided ponytail for girls 2014 with natural real brown extension clip on

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