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5 Inspired Updo Hair styles 2014 with Remy Human Hair Extensions

Updos stands for classic, glamorous, elegant and vintage looks. They are always top in stylish list. Brides love to make updo hair cuts to match with wedding gowns. Celebrities love to have updo hair styles for formal occasions, like weddings and award ceremonies. Updos are perfect styles to work with your dress and accessories. Top 5 kinds are introduced one by one in the following.

wedding ideas Messy Updos Cut Stylish Styles

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A Cute Updo
A cute updo is for a simple, yet chic look. They are perfect for teenagers. The style is very easy by following steps: first tie your hair into a medium to low ponytail. Second, split the ponytail into halves, and then twist one of them into a bun shape, the same to the other half. Third, apply elastic in both ponytails. Creating a cute updo with curly hair will have more fashionable looks.

  cute hair styles ideas 2014

cute updo hair styles ideas 2014

Twisted Bun Updo
It is a stylish and chic look. They are neat, can be kept in shape for a long time. To create the bun, hair fist is made into a low ponytail and secured with an elastic band. The last step is to twist and wrap around the base of itself.

  twisted bun hair ideas

Perfect Twisted Updos 2014 for Parties

hairstyles ideas twisted updos


Rolled Updo Hairstyle
The cut looks pretty and romantic. The style takes minutes to be done, looking sophisticated.

  rolled updos hair styles ideas 2014

hair cuts 2014 for rolled updos styles

hair styles online A Rolled Updo Hair for 2014 Hair Styles

rolled hair ideas tutorials


Top Knot Hairstyle
The style looks formal and elegant. Many celebrities love to try them. Girls can get great inspirations to look good. Choosing the one will never go wrong, since the style is always in the popular hair trends.

  hair ideas 2014 top knot hair cuts

top knot ideas  formal elegant styles for hair 2014


Messy Updos
Messy updo is stylish. It is good enough that the hair types work well for all hair types: straight, wavy and curly hair. By adding a fringe angle and hair to both sides of the face, a round face will look longer. For a square face shape, the style will soften face angles to look long.

messy hair ideas 2014 in updos

Elegant Messy UPdos

Updos cover a long list except for the ones above,  including others such as side-swept, pretty plaits.

All the hairstyle introduced above are made on long hair. For short hair, come to hair extensions in a certain length range: from 20inches, 22 inches to 24 inches.

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