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5 Minutes Cute Daily Hairstyles with Long Hair Extensions

No matter you are a student who is busy with your study everyday or an office lady who has to get everything done within a limited time in the morning, you must feel that it is impossible to make a beautiful hairstyle every day. Well, thanks to the Internet so that we can find some quick and easy hairstyles for daily creation. You have to leave alone time for yourself and you are allowed to have excuses no longer!
I have found some tutorials of hairstyles which are very easy to follow from a very interesting blog and picked out two of them in today’s post. They can be done fast and almost everyone can achieve the final appearing easily. Hope you can like one of them and give you some simple changes in your outfit. Both of them are pretty and professional for school or office, but they only can be made with long hair. Girls whose natural hair is short or thin, my suggestion is always the clip in human long hair extensions because they can help you achieve the hairstyle you want immediately without waiting for a long time. If you are interested and ready, then we can start now. Trust me, they can be done, ladies! You can practice with your hair while you are reading. I am sure you can handle it.

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Perfect hairstyle for every wear
It can work for a medium long hair with some help of bobby pins and it would be beautiful on longer hair obviously. If your hair is not long enough for this style, you can try the 20 inch hair extensions for help. There are many kinds of human hair extensions and all the clip in extensions in our shop are real remy hair extensions in low price. The following is a brief tutorial for your reference.
1) Tease the crown of your hair back to just above the nape of your neck.
2) Take some hair in the section of crown and leave out the front strands before you braiding.
3) Braid your hair in French style to the end and secure with elastic. Make sure any loose pieces can be secured with bobby pins.

sweet side braid hairstyle 2014 with blonde remy hair extensions clip on
simple and easy french braid hairstyle for girls by clip in brown natural hair extensions
easy and simple side french braid hair by clip in great brown hair extensions for short hair
chic side braided style for 2013 with long hair extensions for short hair clip in
neat and tidy side french braid for girls with clip in 22 inch remy cheap hair extensions
simple and easy braided hairstyle for girls by clip in 22 inch straight brown real hair extensions
cute braided hair for girls by clip on 20 inch human cheap hair extensions
side french braid tutorial for 2014 by clip on brown long human hair extensions
side french braid hair with clip on colored remy and cheap long hair extensions
easy french braided hairstyle with 22 inch brown straight hair extensions clip on


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A hot hairstyle in Pinterest
It is so pretty and popular in Pinterest. You may have come across it many times and stopped for a while for it is messy, sexy and looks easy. But when you click it and it takes you somewhere that has nothing to do with picture or just a show of pretty style. If you are looking hard for the tutorial of it, you can keep reading and the blogger has created one by herself. Have a try and see whether you can replicate it. Here is how it is done within four steps:
1) Tease your hair from the crown down to the nape of your neck. Take the top middle section and poof up and twist. Secure with a bobby pin.
2) Take the big chunk of the front section and twist it back under &over the other twist.
3) Take the remaining chunk from the other side and wrap it over& under the one you just made.
Ps: over & under means you should pull the new chunk past where you just pinned horizontally and under where you just pinned vertically.

cute twisted ponytail for girls 2014 with brown straight 18 inch clip on human hair extensions
easy messy ponytail hair tutorial with cheap clip in brown wavy hair extensions

cute and beautiful ponytail with real and remy clip on 18 inch hair extensions
casual and simple ponytail with wavy clip in best remy hair extensions

Does it make sense? Both of the two hairstyles are cute and suitable for students and office lady. So could you, would you rock this style?
Have a beautiful day!

Image and Tutorial Sources:    Google, Pinterest and manouvellemode.com

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