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6 Chic Braided Crown Hairstyles for Girls’Daily Creation at home

Crown braid is always one of the hottest hairstyles when girls are choosing a cute and easy to braid hairstyle. When this hairstyle first came into being, it looked like a wreath of flowers, but now the hairstyle has gradually evolved into a braided headband and different versions of this hairstyle have appeared. In this post, you can find the gallery of some braided crown hairstyles and one of them will be picked out for a more detailed explanation of how to make such a hairstyle.

cute and youthful braided crown hair with blonde silky wavy hair extensions clip in
easy crown braided hairstyle for girls tutorial

·  Seamless Crown Braids
This hairstyle is very simple to make because it is also a kind of hairstyle on the basis of a braided ponytail. After you finish the braid, secure the end of your ponytail with the bobby pins and try to hide the end so that it cannot be seen. You can also apply a cute flower onto your braids so that the end is invisible.

elegant braided crown hairstyles for autumn with cheap silky extensions clip on
seamless crown braid with clip in straight hair extensions
simple braided hair crown for party in 2013 autumn by clip in dark silky long hair extensions
fashion and trend crown braid by clip on human hair extension

·   Two Braids make a crown
Part your hair down in the middle, and secure one side of the hair with a clip or elastic so that it doesn’t get mixed with the other side. Grab a section of your hair at the nape of your neck and split it into three equal sections. Start to make an inside-out French braid (instead of crossing sections over each other, cross under).Keep braiding and then wrap around the side of the head. You’ll cross the forehead and finish the braid. Secure with a hair tie. Let braid hang whilst you braid the second side. Grab a section of hair at the top of the head and split it into three. Then you can make an inside-out French braid down the side of your head and finish the braid and secure it with elastic. Take the braid and wrap it around the back of the head. Secure with Bobbi pins. Tuck and hide the small tail under the other braid. Grab the braid resting on the forehead and secure with Bobbi pins. Tuck tail under other braid.

flattering hair crown by braiding brown hair extensions
diy crown braids at home by clip in silky brown hair extensions

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·   Six Braid Crown
Braid your hair in six separate sections and then you can follow the steps in the picture below. It is easy to master but will need some patience. Have a try and I trust you can make it.
You can find more tutorials about French braided hairstyles for daily creation.

six braid crown hair style by clip on best hair extension

·   Half crown braid
It is a half-up half-down hairstyle and the up hair is braided into a crown. If you are going to attend a gathering or go shopping with your friends, this one must be a good choice.

cute braided crown hairstyles in autumn with clip in ombre hair extensions
easy and cute half crown braided hairstyle tutorial by clip on brown human hair extension
half braided crown hair for school by clip in best and cheap hair extension
half crown braid tutorail with clip in cheap blonde hair extension
brown to blonde ombre half crown braided hair with clip in wavy hair extensions
simple crown braid with clip on wavy silky human hair extension

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·   Crown braided updo
Pick out some strands from your forehead and braid them into a thin ponytail. Scroll the rest of your hair into an updo and combine the ponytail and updo together.

tidy and neat braided crown updo hairstyle for party by clip on brown hair extensions

·   Unique crown
There are some other ways to make a crown. You can braid your hair into a waterfall style or fishtail. We need creative ideas sometimes so that you can finish the styling successfully.

chic and easy crown braids with clip on blonde silky straight hair extension

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