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7 Braided Hairstyles for Wedding in Autumn 2013

Wedding hairstyles with braids are a hot trend now. Both the bride and bridesmaids can try the braided hairstyle for the big day. Braids can be incorporated into many different types of bridal hairstyles including all down, updo and ponytail to create a soft, romantic bohemian look. Braids fit any type of hair from thin to thick and you only need to care about what is the right one that can make your look more beautiful. There are many wedding hairstyle tutorials on the Internet, if you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, you can follow those steps and try to do it on your own. For brides who are planning for their big day, you can show one of the photos below to your hairstylist.

fall wedding hairstyle 2013
Image Source:  tulleandchantilly.com

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Waterfall braids
Looking for a special hairstyle for a wedding? Whether your hair is shoulder length or even longer, you can create a gorgeous waterfall braid in no time.Meanwhile, this hairstyle is recommended for those with long hair so that the fall can look better. It will not take a long time for you to make waterfall braids and the curl of the open part of your hair can make the whole feeling much better. You can choose the hair color as you like and for most of the brides, the brown or brown ombre hair colors are a good choice.

awesome braided waterfall hairstyle for girls with best wavy hair extensions
trend waterfall braided hair for wedding by clip in wavy human hair extension
wedding hairstyle turotorial with clip on hair extensions

Braided Updo
With autumn just around the corner, learning how to make an elegant braided updo for weddings or all your outdoor parties is quite necessary. It’s really easy and quick, and it can stay in a tidy state till the end of the wedding. Both the bride and bridesmaid can wear this hairstyle. Adding some flowers which are natural or artificial can make you look charming and elegant enough.

elegant braided wedding updo with long brown clip in extensions
chic braided updo for wedding 2013 by clip in medium brown hair extensions

parted down middle braided updo for wedding with cheap brown hair extensions

Side-swept updo
Actually, this is only a bit different from the previous hairstyle. Start the braid from one side of your face and end it on the other side. Scroll it to make an updo and use a rubber band to secure it. Hair accessories like silver flower or baby breath can be added as you like.

side swept braided updo wedding hairstyle with long straight hair extension
flattering braided side swept hair with best clip on human hair extensions
braided side swept wedding hair with blonde clip on human extension

Braided headband
If you are not interested in braiding all of your hair, you can braid some strands to make a cute headband. Leave the other hair naturally open or curl them to make loose waves.

braided headband with brown ombre color hair extension
beautiful braided headband for wedding 2013 with best long hair extension
long black braided headband for black women wedding with long wavy human hair extension


French braided updo
French braids share some similarities with waterfall, but French braided hair can always be tied into a ponytail or scroll into an updo. Hair accessories can be added along the braids.

best bride braid updo hairstyle with long brown color hair extension clip in
french braided updo with flowers and clip on straight human hair extension
braided updo tutorial with straight and cheap human hair extensions clip on

Braid ponytail/fishtail
Tying your braids into a ponytail or fishtail is a hot choice for bridesmaid. It is suitable for different age groups. While you are making the ponytail, you can leave some fringes or you can braid them together.

trend wedding hairstyle by clip on cheap long hair extension
braid ponytail for wedding 2013 autumn with long straight human hair extension clip in

braided hairstyles

Cute heart braid
It must be one of the most cute and sweet hairstyles, which is popular among girls. You can braid the hair on your back into a cute heart shape in the middle, and you can also braid a side heart on one side of your head and leave the left hair naturally open. Beside, you can pick two strands on both sides and braid them respectively. After you finish the two braids, use a rubber band to tie them into a heart shape.

sweet heart shape hairstyle with medium brown hair extension
cute and fashion heart hairsytle with clip on brown human hair extensions

side heart hairstyle with brown ombre color hair extension clip on

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