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Celebrity Easy Hairstyles with Extensions—–Collection of Blake Lively’s Hairstyles

As one of the hottest roles in Gossip Girl, Blake Lively is always amazing on the red carpet or off-duty. It is true that her bone structure is perfect, her make-up is flawless and the blonde silky hair is especially gorgeous. She has been chosen as the new face of L’Oreal Paris and in this post, you can find the reason that she is a hair icon. Girls who want to follow her styles should have a long blonde or brown hair. If your natural hair is short or thin, you can try to apply the blonde human hair extensions before you create the hairstyle. I will show you the collected hairstyles of Blake Lively from easy to hard and you can choose the one you like most and have a try at home by yourself.

blake lively medium wavy brown hair with clip on 18 inch wavy human hair extensions
hairstyles of blake lively 2013 with real extension for short hair clip on

T1:    Curlssss
Why she is so sexy, charming, amazing and full of feminine? Let the hair naturally open is one of her most favorite hairstyles. The curls can be styled into side-swept-to-one-side curly do with a hot red lip. It can also be made into a center-parting with loose curls. Sometimes, Blake Lively chose to make a half-up and half-down curly hair which can give people a very sweet feeling. You can follow the half-up technique with a side twists. The gorgeous curly hair together with the killer outfits can catch the audiences’ attention easily. It is suggested that curls with long or medium hair will get a better feeling and girls can try the cheap clip in hair extensions if necessary.

fashion blake lively medium style with 16 inch wavy brown real extension clip on
beautiful medium wavy hair with clip on 16 inch brown hair extension clip in
side-swept sexy wavy hair by clip on blonde curly cheap and best extensions
swept to one side curly hair with brown ombre colored  natural extension clip in

T2:    Sleek layers
The golden locks of Blake Lively is glossy and always look perfectly polished whether she styled them into loose way or keep them super straight. We can see from the appearance that the honey blonde hue is warm with sleek layers. You can make your bangs side or just brush them back with a bobby pin secured.

blonde ombre color medium hair with 16 inch remy clip in hair extensions for thin hair
sleek blonde hair of blake lively 2013 by clip on natural and cheap blonde extensions
blake lively long sleek hair by clip on blonde great lengths hair extensions


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T3:    Ponytail/fishtail
There are various ways to style a beautiful ponytail. Back ponytail without any fringe needs a perfectly symmetrical face and gorgeous make-up so that it can look simple but charming enough. Before we tie up all the hair into a ponytail, we can braid the hair for a messy, sexy and better appearing. The skinnier strands you use the more intricate plait you can get.

blake lively braided ponytail with blonde 22 inch remy hair extension clip on
simple and neat ponytail with brown colored straight hair extensions clip in
blonde pony style of blake lively with blonde clip in straight extension for thin hair
messy low ponytail of blake lively with blonde wavy hair extension clip in
delicate and fashion ponytail style by clip in 20 inch remy cheap extensions

T4:    Updo
Almost all the celebrities have tried this hairstyle without any big mistake. Updo is classic for anyone who wants to attend a party. Like one of the photos given below, Blake styled her hair into a tight bun at the back and a little texture around crown which is the modern way to work a bun instead of pulling tight or over-groomed. There are many related updo posts in our blog and you can find the detailed information about how to achieve the chic hairstyle by yourself. If your hair is over 18 inch long, you can style almost all of the up-do. Otherwise, the 18 inch hair extensions can do you a favor at this moment.

blake lively elegant updo with cheap and real extension for short hair clip on
loose braided bun with blonde clip on extensions for short and thin hairl
neat updo hair for party by clip on 14 inch brown extension for thin hair
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T5:    Colored Hairstyle
If you have the preternatural delicate shape of face like Blake, you will also look good even with a shaved head. A well and suitable hairstyle can make up some disadvantage of the face shape or add some shinning points to the whole feeling. The two-tone trend is welcomed in the recent years and many celebrities have taken a step. Blake looks mermaid-fabulous with the fiery hair hue and the red color can be customized by us if you need.

blake lively fashion and flattering red wavy hair with 18 inch colored extension clip in for thin hair

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