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DIY Daily Hairstyles with Wavy Hair Extensions

The weekend is around the corner again. How about your life in this week? I am busy with my work and for this weekend, I am planning to style my hair at home. In order to achieve a better result, I make some preparation before starting. As my hair is shoulder-length and my face is round, I prefer to try the wavy hair style. I choose the human hair extensions as usual, but this time I will apply 20 inch wavy hair extensions. Now I will share the information that I collected from the Internet with all of you who want to style an easy but charming wavy hairstyle. If you think there is one you are interested, you can start creating at home right now. Wavy clip in hair extensions are necessary if your natural hair is short and thin.

long curly hairsytle with wavy cheap and best hair extension clip in
I will show you some pictures about how to clip in human hair extensions and the before and after.

how to put in 16 inch wavy hair extension

22 inch brown wavy hair extension clip in curly brown ombre hairstyle with 18 inch extension clip on for short hair how to clip in 18 inch red human extension


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Loose and simple wavy hair
There are several words can be used to describe the loose way hairstyle like sexy, chic, charming and sometimes cute. In my opinion, another advantage of this hairstyle is EASY. I will show you some methods to achieve it at home. All you need is the long hair and curling iron. You can determine the curls according to yourself. If your want a very long wavy hairstyle, you can make the curls loose than the normal wavy hair. It must be sexy and full of feminine. You can divide your hair into two even sections from the middle or style it into side-swept. I prefer the latter, what about you? If you want to add some flash points, you can try the colored hair extensions like brown ombre hair extension, black or blonde ombre extension. Ombre trend has last for a long time in the recent years. If you haven’t had a try up till now, seize the opportunity and make a difference.

loose beach wavy hair with hair extension clip on
sweet wavy style by clip in 16 inch blonde color remy hair extension
sexy wavy hair for female by clipon 20 inch hair extensions for wavy hair
wavy hair for office lady with 18 colored real extension clip in
medium wavy hairstyle with 16 inch brown hair extension
sexy loose wavy hair with brown wavy hair extension clip on for thin hair


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how to make wavy hair with clip on blonde remy hair extension
how to make wavy hair with extension clip on
brown and blonde curly hairstyle by clip on wavy brown ombre extension
chic wavy hairstyle by clip in 20 inch  hair extension for thin hair
easy wavy hairstyle with best brown 18 inch hair extension clip in
falttering wavy hair for holiday by clip in silky wavy extension for short hair

Wavy hair can be braided
It is well know that straight silky hair can create various kinds of braids like French braid, Dutch braid, waterfall braids, fish braid and etc. Wavy hair can also make those hairstyles if you have patience and skilled enough. I have found that waterfall braid is one of the easiest hairstyle for wavy hair. There is related tutorial of waterfall braid hairstyle in our blog. We can see from the picture given below that you can add some ornaments into your hair. If you think braid is so complex and waste your time, you can simply twist the hair on one side of your ear and secure it with a delicate bobby pin. This hairstyle is very suitable for daily creation and easy to make. It is cute and sweet for girls who are going to have a date.

sweet braided hairstyle for winter 2013 by clip on real wavy extensions for short hair

cute waterfall braid hairstyle with remy wavy clip in hair extension

brown ombre wavy hair by clip in best wavy hair extension

braided headband with cheap wavy hair extension clip on

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