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Medium or Long Hot Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts 2014 with Real Hair Extensions

Layered Hair cuts are always regarded to be feminine and fashionable looks best options. Many women in the world just cannot stop falling in love with them. In everyone’s life, layers hair styles are more than one time to be chosen. Why are they always in the hot list? How many kinds of layered hair are there for us to choose from? In the post, comprehensive and in-depth discussions on medium long hot haircuts are in the following.

jordin Sparks Hair styles 2014

2014 hair styles ideas in layered braids styles

Reasons for being hot
1. A well-known reason is that both long and short layers are stunning.
2. Styling hair into layers is a great way to lighten your hair load, making it much easier to style. Getting rid of too much weight can      also save time off of girls’ blow dry, especially for ones busy with work and family.
3. Layered cuts can be adjusted with little change for girls with various face shapes, even being called the best option for round             faces.

low ponytail hairstyles 2014

Layers in many shapes and styles
By adding movement, dimensions and texture to hair styles, layered hair can come in many shapes and styles.

The following styles are styled based on long hair, for girls with short hair come to 22 or 24 inches real hair extensions.

hair extensions before and after looks

trendy hair styles

shoulder-length hair ideas 2014  


Long Layers
Long layers below shoulders give a complete feminine look. The style is also great for girls who want to elongate round faces. Styling layers in the front two sides of faces adds a little movement while walking, creating a sexy and flattering looks.

long layered hair styles 2014

1.Long Layers with Side Bangs
Long layered cut with side bands is hottest among all layers styles. A more framing face look is created by wearing the one.

2014 Hairstyles Ideas long hair styles with side bangs and layers

braided hair styles ideas 2014 for long layered hair looks

2.Long Layers with Volume
Long layers help adding shape and volume to hair, so it is a great hair style for thin hair. Keeping the shape everyday takes only 5 to 10 minutes. Spray a little water to damp hair, and then put good quality mousse over hair. After that, finger comb through curls gently.

hairstyles ideas shoulder length layers for stylish looks

3.Face Framing Layers
Straight Long hair in red color look fuller, and at the same time side hair bangs and long layers around the face helps emphasize length and creating movement. What is more, The style is suitable for girls with any face shapes and hair densities.

straight hairstyles 2014 with face framing details

Medium Layers
Cutting hair medium length layers in both back and front will bring a sense of movement feeing.

medium length hair cut ideas 2014

Medium length hair layers 2014

1.Chin-length Layers
The style is suitable for girls with thick hair. Style the hair to go through two steps. First dry your hair section by section by a medium-sized round brush. After this done, spray hair with a little light hold finishing hair product.

chin-length hair styles 2014

Layers can also be braided into other feminine looks.

low ponytail hair styles 2014

updos 2014

hairstyles tutorials

braids styles for hair 2014

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