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Newest braid hairstyles For Your Wedding Day

Wedding day is the most special and delightful occasion in one’s life. Every girl wants to be the princess and the best look ever on that day. Beside planning their future with their grooms, brides are also concerned with their bridal look. Except for the fabulous dress-up and make-ups, a suitable hairstyle is also a decisive aspect of a bride’s ultimate look. Braids are in trend this season and you can apply them easily to make your hairstyle look glamorous. Take a tip below and pick a favorite hair-look for your nice day. Enjoy the read!

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Braided Up do

This one should be the simplest bridal hairstyle ever. Use some floral pins to accessorize this sweet formal look.

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latest braided up do for wedding

Loose Braided Hairstyle

1)       Top Knot Bun

You can see this hairstyle very often in different weddings and most people tends to choose this hairstyle with front soft bangs. You also need floral accessories to team up with this fabulous look.

popular top knot bun hairstyles for wedding 2013 cool top knot bun haitstyles for bride

cute top knot bun hairstyles 2013


2)       Simple Long Embellished Braid

elegant long braid hairstyles

By adding some small natural or article flowers to the long braided hairstyle, the intricately beautiful can give you a very romantic look. This kind of hairstyle also looks great for any occasions.

  trendy long embellished braid hairstyles

Bigger flowers can also be used to decorate the braid and another kind of ethereal look can be created.

  cute easy braid hairstyles for bride

Waterfall Braid

This hairstyle must be the hottest trend among the cascade braids for long hair. You can captivate everyone’s attention through its magnificence and beauty.

  easy waterfall braid hairstyles for wedding

waterfall braids

Flower-Weaved Braided Crown

If you want to create a rustic, vintage and romantic look, you should try this hairstyle which brings out the beauty of the bride in all her glory.

princess bridal hairstyles for wedding

pretty flower weaved braided crown


Here is the video that YouTube guru AlisonLovesJB shows you how to create four strand braid.


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