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{Vpfashion Long Hair Extensions} 10 DIY Stunning 2014 Braids Hairstyles

Year by year, braids never goes out of fashion. They are commonly used at many occasions, parties, weddings, fashion show and many more. Sexy, sleek, girlish, romantic, and even exotic, braids are the right styles for. They are popular and able to offer endless styling possibilities because there is no limit to hair colors and texture.
Check out the following braids hairstyles 2014 to see the details. Choose one of your favorite styles to have a try.

Snake Braid Tutorial

Snake braids are very easy and quick to do. As long as you are able to do a regular braid, you can make the nice-looking hair style in minutes. It is ok for school girls, office ladies and children.

DIY Snake Braids Tutorials In Blonde

long blonde snake braids hairstyles 2014 tutorials

Dutch Braid Tutorial

There is a large range of dutch Braids known to us, from double dutch braid, braid 3-double dutch braids, side dutch braid, to half up dutch headband braid.

—Double Dutch Braid

Personally, I like the double dutch braids best, because it save me from washing my greasy hair, and the days when the front pieces just do not work well with me.

double dutch braids tutorials in blonde

Double Dutch Braids Hair styles 2014

—Braid 3-double Dutch Braids and Bun

It is sleeker with a smoother connection and tossed into a chic bun at the bottom. It can last for a week, so loved by many busy school girls, women at work and other girls.

3-double Dutch Braids for braidesmaid hairstyles

Braid 3-double Dutch Braids and Bun

—Side Dutch Braid

Side Dutch Braided Headband Hair Tutorial

Side Dutch Braid

—Half up Dutch Headband Braid

Braid your hair down one side of your head to create the fashionable look.

Half up Dutch Headband Braid

Chain Braids

Chain braids work for girls with long hair.

Two Chain Braids into A low Bun for prom party

3-double Dutch Braids and Bun for chic looks

Braided Bun

Braided bun is for elegant and girlish looks.

chignon braid wedding hairstyles for long hair

Braid Princess Over the Top

Braid Princess Over the Top Tutorials

Romantic Twisted Braid

Romantic twisted braids create something striking. And the style looks more complicated than it really is. It has the best look when your hair reaches to shoulder-length.

Romantic Twisted Braids for Weddings 2014

Ribbon Halo Braid

The ribbon halo braid is a hot option for summer and spring looks. It looks pretty and romantic. The sweet pink ribbon adds a girlish touch to the whole look. The style also takes all hair away from face, and is a perfect style for parties, easy to match long party gowns.

Ribbon Halo Braid for Summer and Spring Looks at Parties

Braids hair look great on any hair colors.

braids on any hair colors

In the case you hair is not long enough to make your braids style come into use, try hair extensions at vpfashion blog to make any braids you like.  Here is a collection of braided hair styles in 2014 made with vpfashion hair extensions.

We love our stunning girl @makeup_amor on instagram who can make really gorgeous hairstyles with Vpfashion hair extensions!

Cute and classic braided headband for Parties with Vpfashion Hair Extensions

cute blonde pink braided hairstyles 2014

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hair extensions clip in applied to make diy braids

We love our stunning girl @makeup_amor on instagram who can make really gorgeous hairstyles with Vpfashion hair extensions!

Ombré long hair to make creative braids

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