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2014 Boho Wedding Hair Styles Ideas

Loves, are you on the process of preparing your wedding day? Bridal hair styles are in your preparing list. How about trying a unique hair style to look extra-special on your wedding day? Bohemian looks are  popular in 2014.

hair styles with flowers for boho wedding theme

It is not true that hobo look is only suitable for a beach wedding. In fact, loose, effortless waves or waterfall twists are good hair cuts for all 2014 wedding styles. Honey, if you do not like to put all of your hair down, you can also try half up half down look. Place a pin into your hair to hold layer up, making hair near your forehead away from your face, and leaving the additional layer for an enchanting hair look.

boho wedding hair styles 2014 ideas

Long &Loose

Long and loose wedding hair cuts are hot. Country weddings go well with the style. With shinning headband across foreheads, curls naturally flow over your shoulders, looking very attractive.

 long loose bridal hairstyles boho 2014

long curly 2014 wedding hair styles boho

side braiding long loose brown hair styles for boho weddings

Ombre Hair & Flower Crown for hobo weddings


Boho half-up style features a braided headband. Braid the up half hair and end into a tie. Apply a flower over the braided knot.

half up half down 2014 long boho wedding hair cuts

Floral Bridal Crowns Flower half up summer wedding hair cuts 2014

boho hairstyle inspiration 2014

half up half down bohemian braided hairstyle for romantic casual weddings look

Braids Pony

 Braids pony with a flower, a cloth, or a fresh flower headband looks are another hot boho wedding hair styles.

brown braided ponytail with tiny flowers as headband

boho wedding braids hairstyle inspiration 2014

boho hairstyle inspiration and ideas 2014


Braided updos with flowers headband look very chic and charming. You are just angle from heaven, easily and successfully leaving the most unforgettable impression for the wedding day.

bridal braids boho hair styles 2014 with flowers

twist braids boho wedding hair cuts 2014

Loves, you many have a question in mind that what I can do when I have short hair. No worries~!!! Hair extensions clip on are quickest way to lengthen your short hair. Choosing a color matching you hair go well with your hair color is an element you shoulder take into consider. The hair tool can also add volume to thin hair for fuller hair look.

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vpfashion ombre hair extension for boho wavy thicker hair styles

18 inches three-tone the extension before&after looks

ombre and highlights hair extension product sample

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