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2014 Spring Celebrity Hair Color Ideas: Medium Brown & Chestnut Brown on Top

Hi loves, vpfashion blog is here to bring you a piece of good news that the best hair colors for your medium brown or chestnut brown hair is available at the post. We have collected sufficient celebrity 2014 hair looks to suggest that we’ ll all be wearing certain sombre hair colors for spring 2014.

2014 celebrity hairstyles & hair colors to inspire you

2014 celebrity hair styles& colors

In the past, we’ve talked about the best sombre hair colors for jet black on top, darkest brown, medium dark brown and medium reddish brown on top. Find what your hair color is, follow the celebrities hair looks in 2014, and you will not go out of fashion.

Top 2 Celebrity Sombré Hair Colors 2014 Spring: Dark Brown & Medium Reddish Brown on Top

2014 Spring Celebrity Sombre Hair Colors: Black on Top

2014 celebrity medium brown sombre wavy off-center hair styles

In order to have the best ombre effect, please pay attention to the following celebrity hair celebrity ombre hair colors for medium brown, chestnut brown on top. First, you have to have a clear idea on what your hair color is, and then find the best similar one to have a try for your hair look.

Celebrity Selena Gomez and Elizabeth Olsen 2014 sombre hair ideas with medium brown on top

The following color chart is about the best matching bottom ombre colors for #5 and #6 on top. Let us take a look, and make a choice for your hair color.

matching medium brown and chestnut brown hair color list

#5 on Top (Medium Brown)

The bottom hair colors for medium brown on top cover light auburn, dark natural brown, light ash brown, beeline honey.

Anna Kendrick Dark Brown Light Auburn Sombre Hair Ideas 2014

 Anna Kendrick off-center Curly Hairstyles inspirations, want to have a try for long curly hair styles? click usw177 for details

medium brown light ash brown sombre hair extensions for cusual natural curls

 usw171 has very similar hair color to bianca alexa, your desired new hair color is here

dark brown light brown and Light Ash Brown sombre hair colors

Want to achieve your desired hair color look? more ombre hair colors chocies by visiting our ombre hair extensions and new ombre extensions category. 

Get Ombre Hair Color Inspirations from Celebrity Sombre Hair Styles Based on 5#

Sarah Jessica Parker, Leighton Meester, Alexa Chung or Kristen Stewart sombré style based on natural hair color 5#~ Vote your favorite!!

bianca alexa 18 inches two-tone sombre hair extensions clip on usw171 100g bianca alexa 18 inches two-tone sombre hair extensions clip on usw171 100gCheck Price

shay mitchell off black 20inches two-tones subtle ombre clip in hair extension usw177 115g shay mitchell off black 20inches two-tones subtle ombre clip in hair extension usw177 115gCheck Price


Selena Gomez medium brown and medium ash brown sombre updos with long side wavy bangs

Medium brown on top and sunflower blonde on bottom ombre long style. See the casual soft locks?

Medium Brown Sunflower Blonde ombre casual curls

Curls showing off the ombré shades of brown

check the extension above here

#6 on Top (Chestnut Brown)

For sombre looks, the list of right bottom hair colors matching chestnut brown covers Medium Champagne, butterscotch, sparkling amber, Havana Brown highlighting Caramel.

Ombre hair extensiosn clip on from vpfashion to have Kacey Musgraves long straight hair styles

Kacey Musgraves Long Straight Ombre Styles

Maria Menounos casual curls chestnut brown and sparkling amber sombre ideas 2014

Maria Menounos Casual Curls

Chestnut Brown three-tone straight ombre hair styles

20inches Chestnut Brown, 20#, Platinum Blonde, three-tone ombre hair colors

natural brown ombre hair waves trends with vpfashion extension

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dark brown Ombré Hair & Glasses

Kacey Musgraves long straight chestnut brown and butterscotch ombre hair looks 2014

Customers Ombre Hair look at blog.vpfashion.com

Victoria Beckham highlights loose curls 2014 long hair cuts

Victoria Beckham ombre highlights hair looks

Loves, in the case you are not sure about your hair color, please do not worry!!! We can help you to find the matching color. All you need to do is to send us a picture of your hair which is taken under the daylight. Our hairstylists will offer you professional suggestions. Anyway, it’s really a great honor for us to gain the opportunity to make your hair look wonderful.

Without DIY dyeing your hair, our hair extensions can be dyed or styled as your natural hair as they are all made of 100% human hair.

If you have any problems or queries, please feel free to contact us:service@vpfashion.com

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