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5 DIY Hair Bow Ideas and Creations Collection

Hair bow is no longer unfamiliar to you and some of you may have already tried it. I haven’t done this before only because my hair is too short to make this hairstyle. Hair bow has been very popular since Lady Gaga caused a sensation among her fans with a big attractive hair bow. If you want to become one of the girls who follow this trend, hair extensions can do you a favor if your hair is not long or thick enough. Not a second is to be lost, see for yourself what a hair bow looks like.

Lady gaga colored hair bow hairstyles
Lady Gaga colored hair bow
Lady Gaga hair bow hairstyles
celebrities hair bow hairstyles
beautiful and easy hair bow hairstyles summer 2013
Side Hair Bow

cute and easy side hair bow hairstyle
side two-bow hair style tutorial
Braided Hair Bow

cute briaded bow hair styles for girls summer
cute bow braids hair style for long hair tutorial
Bow Tail

easy bow tail hair styles summer 2013
bow tail hairstyle tutorial
Bow Bun

elegant and fashion bow bun hairstyle
bow bun hairstyle tutorial
Colored Hair Bow

fashion colored hair bow hairstyles

There are many tutorials on how to do this hairstyle, you can search them on the Internet. Here I offer you a very good and easy master version for you to practice on your own hair which was from the pinterest.
1. Straightening your hair is of vital necessity before you setting about doing this hairstyle. Make a ponytail and leave a “rat tail” using hair under where your elastic will go.
2. Divide ponytail into equal halves.
3. Wrap the ponytail half around your open palm, keeping the hair flat.
4. Continue wrapping your hair until all is around your palm. Hold your hair in place with your “palm hand”.
5. Starting at the bottom, use bobby pins to secure the loop in place.
6. Now pin from the top.
7. Repeat steps 3-4 on the remaining half of your ponytail and make a matching loop.
8. Pin second loop securely in place from the bottom to the top.
9. Pull your rat tail straight up and tight so it divides your two loops. Secure with a bobby pin just above the elastic.

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