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5 Easiest Wedding Updo You Can Create by Yourself

If you are looking everywhere for the perfect hairstyle for your big day, this post is for you. It is possible that you can create your wedding hairstyle by yourself so that the cost is much cheaper than turning to a stylist for help. This post has a collection of all those most stunning wedding hairstyles from around the web. You can choose the best way to collect your long hair into an updo so that a very romantic and sexy appearance can be made. Things you need are not too much. Bobby pins, rubber bands, hairspray, accessories, feathers, jewelry and headbands can all make sense. Don’t be afraid of experimenting if you are not kind of a girl who is good at hair-styling. More practices will achieve you a better result.

romantic updo hairstyle for fall wedding 2013

If your hair is not long or thick enough, you can ask human hair extensions for help. They are cheap but of high quality. As they are made of 100% human hair, they can blend in with your natural hair perfectly. Stock clip in hair extensions can be found here and you can get them as soon as possible.

◇   Twisted wedding updo
For those girls who are not so skilled at creating hairstyles, they can try these. Twisted updo is unlike the braided one. By scrolling your hair in different ways, you can get various hairstyles. While you are making the twists, you can leave some strands and curl them separately. The updo can be on the back of your hair or on one side of your face.

easy and elegant wedding updo at home with clip in long straight hair extensions
twisted wedding updo with straight hair extensions clip on
ombre wedding hairstyles by clip in brown ombre color hair extensions
simple wedding hairstyles for bride 2013 autumn by clip on cheap hair extensions

◇   Braided romantic up-dos
If you are not satisfied with the simple twist hair, you can try the braided ones. It is also not very difficult to make a braided up-do, but you need patience. Braiding all of your hair into a simple ponytail and then scrolling them into an updo is a good choice. You can also pick some strands and braid them separately, scroll the left hair into an updo and then combine the braids and updo into one.

braided up-do hairstyle for wedding with best brown hair extensions
braided wedding hairstyle at home by clip in human hair extensions
braided wedding updos by clip on long hair extensions

◇   Messy and casual up-do
It doesn’t mean that messy up-do can be done in a very messy way. It only means the whole feeling is causal. Unlike the tidy and neat updo, a messy one is a totally different feeling. Flowers or accessories can be added into it. It is very suitable for those whose hair is thin but still want a voluminous finish.

messy bride updo for wedding 2013 with clip on blonde long hair extensions clip on

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◇   Updo with flowers
Flower is one of the most romantic things in the world and many girls love flowers. There are many kinds of flowers for you to choose and what we highly recommend is artificial flower. After you finish a well-done updo, you can apply a delicate flower in the right middle of updo or one side.

trend updo hair styles for wedding autumn by clip on long silky human hair extensions
flattering wedding updo with flowers and cheap human straight hair extensions

◇   Cute accessories can be applied
Hair bows, feathers, silver head clasp and any cute accessories can be applied. Most brides choose to add it on one side of the delicate updo. If your hair color is dark or brown, the shinning accessories can make your hairstyle look more flattering.

chic updo wedding hair with clip on extensions
beautiful wedding up-do with accessory and clip in hair extensions

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