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An Easy Up-do Hairstyle for Long Hair

How do you deal with your long hair this summer? Are you tired of pony tail or up-do bun? Do you want to try another cute and easy up-do hairstyle? Let’s enjoy some beautiful up-do first and then I will tell the detailed process about making if you are interested in.

latest summer hairstyles

Fabulous, right? Ok, this is Emma from YouTube and she is going to show you the every step about this hairstyle.

easy updo hairstyles

Since this hairstyle needs long and thick hair, Emma just prepares black hair extensions. As she has long hair, she just uses 5 wefts. But you can use more if your hair is not so long.

black hair extenions

 Follow those steps:

  • back comb your hair
  • twist your hair on the back and clip tight, more clips more tight
  • pin a bunch of hair aside on the forehead

  long updo hairstyle

To create a curly style:

  • curl the hair
  • blend that bunch of hair with that curly one
  • curl the rest hair section by section 

curly long hair

 Next is to fold the hair band.

  • Take out a favorite hair band. If you prefer fresh colors, it’s totally ok.
  • Then fold that hair band one inch each time.
  • At the end of the band just folds the square in.
  • A folded bandeau is ready.

fold the headband for the hair

The last step:

  • Wrap the bandeau around the head and tie a knot on the top of the head.
  • To make it secure, put a pin on the bandeau.
  • Re-curl the hair if you want your hair more beautiful.

  tie the band

More information can be referred to Video which is exactly the YouTube guru made with hair extensions.

There are many jet black hair extensions you may like.

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There are many cute summer hairstyles for girls. If you want to learn more, you can check the whole set about Summer Ombre Hair Styles, Makeup & Outfit Transformation . Hope you can enjoy it, my beauties. See you next day!

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