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Balayage Highlights and Balayage Ombre for Spring 2014

Unlike traditional highlights from root to ends, balayage is a more natural sun-kissed highlight that works like being literally painted by your color specialist. Due to its natural hair color, balayage has become more popular to girls.

higlights and balayage wavy hair color looks

Kate Beckinsale's highlights Basic color brown Highlights honey blonde

Loves, maybe at the moment you still do not have a clear mind on it, at the same time a question is in your mind that what balayage is. Here is its comprehensive explanation at blog vpfashion. Babayage, a French coloring technique, developed in the 1970s. From the view of coloring technique, balayage is applied by hand, different from traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. It can be used in a large range of hair length, from pixie crop to super long hair, however, works best on hair below the shoulder.

Balayage gained its popularity among young girls last year, ombre made its trend two years ago and at that moment the ombre line separated the color was quite obvious. This year, 2014 balayage highlights and balayage ombre which the blender of balayage and ombre color are more popular.

the difference between ombre and ombre balayage

Medium Golden Blonde Light Golden Blonde Ombre Balayage Blender

Popular Blonde Sombré extensions

check the similar highlights above here.

Balayage hairstyles clip in hair extensions HS03B3027A Balayage hairstyles clip in hair extensions HS03B3027A$109

medium brown with highlights indian remy hair extensions hs05b3027s medium brown hair extensions with highlights hs05b3027s$109

ombre balayage indian remy clip in hair extensions ms0227sh3027 ombre balayage clip in hair extensions ms0227sh3027$109

No matter which shade of Blonde Sombré extensions you wanna have, they’re definitely POPULAR! Check our new soft color solutions and email to with sample pics if you want customize your own SOMBRE & HIGHLIGHT extensions.

 Loose curls and tousled beachy locks are the best hair styles for balayage, looking best and natural under sunlights. Sharp, strong bob are not the right choice for balayag, since the type needs a stronger color to show off the cut.

beautiful sun-kiss hair color with hot coffee medium champagne and pure diamond colors

expresso on top light brown highlight the outside hair and butterscotch on bottom sun-kissed highlights

Love the amazing sun-kiss highlight look? vpfashion customized balayage styles for your spring look. The product details can be found here.

The following is one of our customers hair colors by applying our balayage product with the same hair color as the right one.

30# balayage highlights on 2# dark brown hair color 2014

Medium ash brown light cool browm sun-kissed highlights

The one in Medium ash brown highlight can be found here.

Celebrities covering Rose Byrne, Lauren Conrad, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Erin Wasson, all of them are balayage favourites.

Celebrities Balayage Hairstyles

Get balayage ombre free styles inspirations from Vanessa Hudgens BOHO free style

Vanessa Hudgens BOHO free Balayage Ombre Hairstyle

Vanessa Hudgens hair color solution: Ombré 2#-5# & Balayage 27#

 Sun-kiss hair color is right for sun-kiss theme weddings.

sun-kiss highlights for sun-kiss theme weddings

braided long wavy wedding hair styles with folowers in sun-kiss highlights

vpfashion makes a try on hair balayage coloring. We choose 22 inches medium dark brown hair extensions, and then apply 30# (light auburn), and 27A#(Sunflower Blonde) as highlights color. For natural balayage hair look, loves, you’d better apply a couple of close hair colors to be painted on your hair to have more natural hair look than only one color does.
Hair color proportion: 3#(80%) with highlights (30#, 10%)&(27A#, 10%)

vpfashion human hair wavy extensions with light auburn and sunflower blonde highlights

eye-catching spring hair look, want to have a try?  Click here to see the product details.

balayage hair extensions for long wavy balayage highlights

The details are here.

22inches 220g sun-kissed highlights wavy styles by curling

Vpfashion has also successfully helped our beauty guru @feliciaaveklew to customize her desired hair colors.   Let us see the details: 24inches 260g 5# (35%) – 6# (65%) & Highlights 13# (10%).

gorgeous long hairstyle & balayage extensions

You can do so many things with long hair & balayage extensions,@ebruzen!  YOU seriously ROCK!  GORGEOUS!!!  Everybody, use ‘ebruzen9767’ to get $10 off your order!  Balayage Style: Hs03B3027A 24inches 260g 3# (80%) with highlights 30# (10%) &27A# (10%)

She’s rocking vpfashion popular extensions!!! Extremely Long Hair & & Soft Color & Wonderful Curls! Customized Style:

24inches Customized Wavy highlights

super dramatic & voluminous long hair by vpfashion hair extensions

When hair extensions meet curls, you will have you looking like a Princess with super dramatic & voluminous long hair!!! No doubt, @laura_xvii on instagram is wearing our 24inches clip-ins for sure, lol.

vpfashion hiar extensions for super thick and a lot of volume summer hairstyle

Our beauty guru @ariel_hope want to have a balayge hair for summer hair look. With jacky, our hairstylist help, she customize Ombré 4#(70%) – 27S#(30%) & Highlights(10%). She is satisfied with her final look, and post her hair look on her instagram channel. She said “It’s my quick way to change up the color and style of my hair without any damage. These extensions are super thick and give me a lot of volume . ” We want to say thanks to her for working with us through post.

22inches highlights&ombre long curls

Jessica has natural blonde hair, and wants to change her hair color. With the help of vpfashion hairstylist, jacky, She deceided to try ombre&highlights style.   Check @fehlstmir’s new set: 22inches Top 40% highlights 27A# &27# (30%) and Bottom 60% in 27A#. And finally, the extensions and natural hair blend seamlessly!

Customized 22inches in 18# with Highlights in 613A# White Blonde.

gorgeous mermaid hair looks in highlights

customized human hair extensions

If you wanna customize your dip dye , pls click the pic above or email us. :)
If you’re the girl who has beautiful blonde hair and wanna try the pastel dip-dye pls feel free to contact

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