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Grow Your Hair Quickly and Change Your Hairstyle in 2013 with Vpfashion Extensions

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“How do you get your hair grow so quickly?”

“Haha, I’m not. I’m wearing hair extensions.”

This is the conversation between YouTube guru ayydubs and her friends.


This is the picture before ayydubs wears our extensions.

before hair extension1

This is the picture after ayydubs wears our extensions.

clip in hair extensions

Maybe at first you hair is just to your chin, when you get hair extensions, your hair will be significant longer. Wearing clip in hair extensions is so simple and fast. Just because they are clip in extensions, all you have to do is lay down your hair and put on the clip-ins. They will play well with you. If your hair is thin, and cannot do up-dos, just try extensions. But don’t wear too much; maybe others can see the clips.


If you choose hair extensions by color, you can turn to the light colors which you can dye them in the future, because bleaching is not an easy job or your hair will be in a mess.

clip in hair extension1

Some people who have thin hair are figuring it out all their life how to style. Extensions may be the solution. You don’t have to wear them all the time. You can just wear them when you have parties or date at weekends. The better you clip them in, the better they apply to your own hair. It seems that they are actually there. And the straight ones may be more useful, because they are real human hair, you can curly them and style them. You even can do anything to them. If you apply them in different angles, you can style a really nice full top nob.

clip in hair extensions

When wearing hair extensions, you just cannot tell them. And no one will notice them. People will feel confused when you tell them you are wearing hair extensions, because they look so real! They really do!

clip in hair extensions

And you can wash them just when you want to wash. You can take a shower and then wash the extensions with normal shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t wear them every day, you can just wash them once a week. It is not really a hassle. clip in hair extensions

When you have the long hair you dream of, you can have any hairstyle you like! Excited? Here are some latest long hairstyles in 2013. You can just take them into account.

1. Long Highlight Avril Hairstyle in 2013

Long Highlight Avril Hairstyle

2. Elegant Long Hair Style

Elegant Long Hair Style

3. Latest 2013 Hairstyle

Latest 2013 Hairstyle

Here is the video YouTube guru ayydubs did with our extensions. In this video, she will show us how to put on the extensions and the secret how her hair grows so fast. Her extensions are uso118 which are ombre one. And ayydubs dyed some of them herself. Still fabulous, right?

These are original pictures of uso118.

black and blonde straight hair extensions

long black and blonde straight hair extensions long straight black and blonde hair extensions

Hair extensions are really funny and they let you experiment all hairstyles. You can have dip hair without damaging your own hair.


Hair extensions change your life! Just like ayydubs says.

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