Best clip in hair extensions for latest hairstyles 2015 Vpfashion - Part 4

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Wedding Hairstyles Looks: Wedding Updos 2015

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Wedding Planning is a happy and stressful process. Choosing right wedding hairstyles to complement your wedding look is important and fun. We collect the prettiest updos for 2015 weddings for you to refer to. Hope you can get inspirations from those pretty styles and then have your most beautiful weddings. In the case your hair is short without the ability to be made an updo, each kind of updos is still available with vpfashion hair extensions. Some girls do come to vpfashion for long hair for weddings. Let’s take a look at the following list of wedding updos and some girls wedding looks with long hair by wearing vpfashion extensions.

Formal Elegance

formal updos for weddings 2015

formal wedding updos tutorials for 2015

Photo from Pinterest/Google Image

Vintage Glamour

2015 vintage wedding updos

vintage wedding updos for 2015

vintange wedding updo hairstyles tutorials

Classic twists

elegant classic twisted wedding updos for 2015

twisted updos hairstyles for classic weddings 2015

classic twisted wedding updos for 2015

classic twisted wedding updos tutorials for 2015

Softly Sideswept

softly sideswept updos for weddings 2015

softely sideswpet wedding updos 2015 with hair accessories

sideswept hairstyles tutorials for weddings 2015

Beautiful Braids

beautiful braided updos for 2015 weddings

2015 braided wedding updo hairstyles with flowers

elegant braided hairstyles for weddings 2015

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Top 10 Hot Sale Colorful Human Hair Extensions on Blog.VPfashion

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Hey sweeties, hope you all have a happy new year. Colors make our life colorful. At the end of 2014, we launched colorful clip in human extensions on our site and we’re so happy that you guys love them. Let’s see in the previous days what other girls chose from our colorful hair. <3<3 If you are also fan of bright colors and wanna have a similar style, simply click the pic to see details. :)

1# Black to blue omber CS017

mermaid blue ombre colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions cs017

2# Black to purple ombre CS023


3# blonde to blue omber  CS015

blue ombre mermaid colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions

4#purple to lavender ombre CS012

purple and lavender ombre colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions cs012

5# pastel rainbow CS020

Amythemermaidx Pastel Colorful Clip in Hair Extensions CS020

6# mint to blue ombre CS003

vpfashion hairstylist DIY colorful hair extensions

7# Black to purple ombre CS022

Black to Purple Mermaid Pastel Hair Extensions CS022

8# puple blue ombre CS008

jiah mermaid ombre colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions cs008

9# Black to green ombre CS021

Black to Green Mermaid Colorful Hair Extensions CS021

10# Brown to pink ombre CS014

colorful pink indian remy clip in hair extensions cs014

Don’t worry if you didn’t find your favorite color. With the help  of you can custom make your own extensions color.

Click here to get our custom service. lol

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Colorful Braided Hairstyles: DIY Braids with Vpfashion Colorful Hair Extensions

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For girls who like braided hairstyles with colorful colors, vpfashion colorful hair extensions are a good choice. Colorful braided style is a great way to attract attention from the crowd. If you are a color lover, you are able to make it reality at home with 613a white blonde extensions. Any colors you love can be dyed. Let’s take a look at the following colorful braided styles. BTW, simple braided styles are commended for colorful hair, because it keeps bright points of both colors and elegant hairstyles.

colorful braided hairstyles

Photo from VPfashion Instagram


Riahboflavin is a cool girl. She wears pastel mint to pink blue green hair colored with vpfashion 613a white blonde hair extension. The cool markup, rings and the color just match the best. Look at the color carefully, and it is so bright and clean. She loves our 613a extensions very much. For any festival look around the new year, you are also able to braid the hair into cute hairstyles. Delicate colorful braided hairstyles always have the power for attracting attention from the crowd.

pink blue green colorful braided hair styles 2015 with colorful hair extensions


Emilysusanah chooses to have hot red hair. Her own hair is red, however, it is short and thin. She wants to have powerful and thick hair look and turn to us. We suggest her to try vpfashion 613a white blonde extensions for DIY. 613a white blonde is able to be dyed any color you like. She posts us her final red hair in both wavy and straight style. Like the look? The long and thick hair is also giving your chances to have any hairstyles you like: braids, updos, ponytails and many more.

Btw, Use ‘Emilysusanah01’ for $10 OFF.

red long hair extensions for red braided hairstyles


Goosegray has long black red ombre wavy hair. Black hair is able to work many other bright hair colors: red, pink, purple, blue, green and others. Each one looks great. Her extension is 22inches 220g.

black red long wavy and braided hairstyles looks


Just a little bit of black root, dark blue hair in the middle and light blue at bottom, wow the hair looks so cool and elegant. Get Hair color and styles inspirations from it~~ For such a long and thick hair look, 24inches 260g 613a white blonde extension is a must.

black blue ombre braided hairstyles with colorful hair extensions for 2015 ideas


Like the natural smooth black purple ombre style? It is amazing, right? The look proves that vpfashion 613a white blonde extension is redyable. After several dyes, it still looks great. The black purple ombre look is the second, and the first is silver with 613a white blonde. After a while, she wants to make a change of black purple ombre style. Want to have more ideas on hair color, you can follow her.

Use ‘norellewrexface01’ for $10 OFF.

black purple ombre braided hairstyles wih colorful hair extensions


Albinwonderland tries pastel pink wavy long hairstyle. It looks so beautiful and elegant. It is thick and long.

pastel hair extensions for long pastel braided hairstyles ideas


Harlyn uses vpfashion white blonde 613a extension to have dark blue and purple wavy hair looks. Her markup is also very cool and amazing, matching her hair color. The style is 24inches 260g 613a white blonde extension. She is very cool.

blue purple ombre braided hairstyles with blue purple ombre hair extensions

The Pastel Blue and Purple Hair

Pastel Lavender & Blue Ombre Hair color is for elegant and soft looks. Our vpfashion 613a white blonde extension is able to be made into the hair color combo above.

purple blue pastel braided hairstyles with colorful hair extensions

Vpfashion DIY Colorful Hair Extensions

The cool vivid black blue ombre hair is dyed by vpfashion. Are you with the thinking to have a try? DIY at home is for fun and pleasure. The set looks great under the sunshine.

colorful long single braided hairstyles with hair extensions本

The one is a group of colorful hair colors dyed by vpfashion hairstylist. Each set is able to be made with 613a white blonde extensions.



If you’re the girl who also has to have colorful hair, and then braids it, pls feel free to contact us:

Join Our Instagram with @vpfashion or #vpfashion.

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2015 Prom Hairstyles Looks: 4 Braids Tutorials

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2015 prom party is not far away from us. Preparing hairstyle and dress for it is a must. In the middle, you are able to make a change when something wrong happen. Among all kinds of hairstyles covering updos, ponytail and braids and many more, braided styles are always the hottest for girls. Loves, blog.vpfashion collects a list of braids hairstyles tutorials. Hopefully, you are able to find one of them you like.

2015 trendy braids hairstyles are based on lots of research we did on both fashion shows and red carpets. Get inspirations from the looks for your big night. And we’re happy to know your ideas in the comments.

prom braids 2015 ideas collections

elegant prom braids updos ideas for 2015 hairstyles

French Braid Updo

Margot Robbie showed us a new fashionable French Braid Updo. The French look features high volume at the hairline, tendrils on the sides, and loose strands. And the braided tail is pinned under neck nape instead of being down. It is really a chic and neat look.

Margot Robbie New French Braid Updo Ideas

Side French Braid Bun

side french braided bun hairstyles for 2015 prom ideas

French braided bun

french braided bun hair styles ideas for 2015 prom

Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braid is a great choice on prom night. See the steps below on how to get the look. First of all, part your hair down the center. Make a 3-strand braid from the front hair line on one side and secure it at the bottom with a pin. Do the same thing on the other side. And then after this done, wrap the braids around the head, and secure it to your head with pins. The last step is to give them a little more texture. And do some hair spray over your head to make it look more neat and bright.

milkmaid braids hairstyles guides for 2015 prom nights

Braided Chignons

It is both fashionable and feminine. Some girls who want to have a mature look can have a try. Ok, let’s take a look and see how to make it. Step one is to braid a small section of hair on one side and make one more on the same side underneath the braid. Do the same thing on the other side. And then gather the braids and the twists at the back of your head and secure with a holder. Take the hair that is left down and tuck it into the smaller braids. Secure with pins if there are much hair. After doing so, you’ll see the final look.

Braided Chignons tutorials for prom ideas 2015

Crown Braid Chignon

Crown Braid Chignon hairstyles collections for prom ideas

Fishtail Braids

Bohemian fishtail braids

Bohemian fishtail braid looking is a great style for the big prom night. If you want to dress up like a princess, bohemian braids help a lot. Let’s get down to the steps on how to make it. First of all, add some texture by making curls or waves. And then take a small section of hair from the front and twist it to the back. Secure it with a pin to one side. Do the same thing on the other side. Step two is to make a fishtail braid by taking a piece of hair from one side and incorporating it with the other side. Continue this until the braid is done, and then pull on the braid to create some volume and messiness. At last, add some flowers for a princess and feminine feeling.

Bohemian fishtail braids looks for 2015 prom parties

Messy Fishtail Braids

messy fishtail braids tutorials ideas for 2015 prom

Like anyone of the styles above? Have a try. In the case your hair is not long enought for anyone you like, you can try our hair extensions with sound quality and reasonable prices.

If you’re the girl who has beautiful hair yet not long enough, pls feel free to contact

Join Our Instagram with @vpfashion or #vpfashion.

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Ombre Pastel Hair Colors at

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Ombre pastel hair colors are very attractive to young girls for holiday days. As Christmas day is coming up, more girls come to vpfashion blog, and is ready to take on colorful hair- a cool ombre mix of some colors such as blue, purple, pink, red and green. In fashion circle, we also have some models such as Chloe Norgaard and stylist Kate Foley who showed a look of ombre pastel hair colors. Let’s take a look at the following vpfashion girls’ hair styles.


Thekamirenee is such a lovely creature. She tried our 18inches 160g 613a extension and dyed it into blue on top and purple on bottom. The layered style works well with her face shade, making her look more soft and elegant. Wanna try hair color customization? 613a white blonde extension is able to be dyed into any corloful hair colors you like. For more details: here is

blue and purple medium length straight hair styles and colors


Ebony_maize_makeup turns to vpfashion with the hope that she can add more volume. After knowing her thinking, vpfashion suggests her try our 22inches 220g 613a, which is a set of long and thick hair extension. After wearing it, the extension can meet her needs for long thick hair look, More than that, she also tell us that she is willing to add more bright color to her bottom of hair. 613a is a perfect choice, because it allows you to dye any colorful colors you like. She likes the final hair effect very much and sends us her hair photo. It looks thick and long, very beautiful. Use ‘ebony01’ for $10 OFF.  More detail is here on the page of

black on top and red on bottom thick wavy hairstyles looks


Do you ever try the style of half black half blue? His_firecat has medium-length hair, and the thinking to add length and volume with hair extension. She wants to have 24inches hair, and we suggest her to try our 18inche 160g 61a extension to have her desire hair look. She dyes her half 613a extension into black and half into blue to exactly match her own hair color. Is’t an amazing hair look? Use ‘hisfirecat01’ for $10 OFF.

half black half blue long straight hairstyles for christmas day 2015


Airica.michelle tries a two-tone hair look: half green half pink. It looks really amazing! The cool color works well with her tattoo. Her whole appearance is very cool and amazing. 24inches 260g extensions perfectly add volume and length to her hair. 613A white blonde extension is dyed into half blue and half pink, matching her hair perfectly. Use ‘airicavp’ for $10 OFF.

half blue half pink long wavy hairstyles


Lazybumt0t tried two-tone ombre hair look, purple on top and pink on bottom. She tried our 18inches 160g re-dyeable 613a white blonde extension. The ombre mermaid style is really elegant. Her markup looks also good. Hair color and markup work well. Use ‘yueh01’ for $10 OFF.

More detail is here on the page of

dark purple and light purple ombre hair looks


Kelsey_ellison is a pretty girl wearing ponytails on two sides. She likes lovely girl look for herself. Into add pastel color to her hair look, she turns to ombre pastel hair style.  Hair accessories in pink or blue also add a lovely touch to her whole look. Both straight and wavy styles are nice on her. Order our dyed hair extension to change hair color. The detail of the look is on the page of Use ‘kimono1’ for $10 OFF.

black blue pastel ombre hair colors


Purple&teal ombre mermaid hair looks really amazing. Get the color combo inspirations from catherinebanman@catherinebanman. The extension she uses is 18inches 613a 100g. Come to try vivid hair shades.

purple and blue hair colors in long length


Purple hair is nice, and purple ombre is more amazing. Fghoffyrdmns tries this purple silver ombre look with vpfashion 18inches 100g 613a hair extension. it is a popular hair color combo, loved by many girls. Tell us your ideas on the style, and let’s know what we can do for you. 613a extension for DIY hair color is at

straight purple silver ombre hair shades



Thekamirenee looks like an angle in the hair color style. Silver color is with blue, taking a small proportion of the whole head hair. Curls are also very amazing, soft and nature. The look is made by our vpfashion hairstylist through 5 dyes and toning. Wanna have the blue & silver pastel look as thekamirenee does. Use our 22inches 220g 613a to achieve your desire look. More detail is on the page of

Use ‘straight02’ for $10 OFF

blue silver pastel hair looks


Luciidkitties likes keeping changing hair color. She recently has said goodbye to summer mint and gone with this pastel pastel blue shade. She always looks pretty. The new style looks nice on her. We are very happy to receive her new look and at the same time look forward to seeing her new hair look. Wanna know more which color is nice on you? Follow our pretty doll @luciidkitties to get color inspiration from her.

Use ‘lucii12733’ for $10 OFF.

blue hair colors and green hair looks


Julinamarch tried pastel pink style. She tried the look for the winter, adding a warm color to the cold weather winter. The style is long, wavy and cool. The extension she applies is 24inches 260g 613a. Also wanna add bright color to cool weathers as she does? Act! Use ‘julinamarch13758’ for $10 OFF. See more details of the look, here is

long wavy pink hairstyles and colors


Is’t a nice try? Pastel mint and pink ombre hair look? Personally speaking, I have strong affection for the ombre style. The color combo looks very pretty on her. It is a cool look. Use ‘riahboflavin01’ for $10 OFF. The extension she applies is 24inches 260g 613a style.

See more details, come to the page:

blue green on top and pink on bottom long straight pastel hair colors and looks


Ellenvlora wears lilac soft waves. The rocks are very attractive. Dye 22inches 220g 613a to get the pastel lilac hair. Use ‘ellenvlora01’ for $10 OFF.

lalic wavy hair looks


Anita_anti tries pale turquoise&grey hair combo. Her style has awesome hair color and length. There is a dark color at the bottom. The whole hair looks amazing.

long wavy blue black pastel ombre hair styles


Saria_suicide is a sexy girl. The long straight hair is amazing and beautiful. If you wanna achieve long and full hair immediately, use our re-dyeable 613a clip-in. Tell us your desire hair color and we can make it to you.

Use ‘sariasuicide01’ for $10 OFF

long blue hair styles looks

Vpfashion Colorist Dyed Colorful Hair Extensions

There are also some girls who like a certain hair look without the ability to dye it on their own. In the case, you just need to tell us your desired hair look and send the hair look to us. Our hairstylist team will help you to have your desired looks. The one above is done by our hair colorist. The color is elegant and lovely. Do you love the color combo? Wanna try? Just tell us your ideas. The detail is here:

The colorful hair color customization page is:

vpfashion hairstylist DIY colorful hair extensions




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10 Rainbow Pastel Hair Colors Styles for Christmas Day

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Rainbow hair colors, as one of the bold and exciting hair colors, is more and more popular to celebrities, catwalks and others in fashion circle. As 2015 New Year and 2014 Christmas day are coming, girls are looking for new ways to go for their looks. Rainbow pastel hair colors can reflect girls’ personal taste.

Gurus who work with us on ombre styles are now turning to rainbow bright hair colors in this period. Since dying the color takes time, so our beauties are placing orders at the moment,. If you see the post and have the idea in your mind, please don’t hesitate! It is time to act~~~ We are here ready for you. Now in the following, we are going to share with you the beautiful raim bow hair looks tried by our gurus and some celebrities. Hope you can get some inspirations from the locks, and you can also visit their personal instagram page to see the details, or even talk with them their ideas for the looks.

bright pastel hair extensions coloring process

Our Gurus’ Rainbow Looks


Amythemermaidx tried three kinds of rainbow styles with different shades. The one on the left has four basic shades covering blue, green red and purple, the right one on the top corner is very bright and delicate with 5 colors including purple red yellow blue green, and the right one on the bottom corner has two basic shades pink and yellow. Which one is your favorite? Get inspirations from the looks and tell us your ideas on your customization hair colors. The look details are on the page of

bright pastel color wavy hairstyles for 2015 trends


Looks like an angle? I do believe the rainbow pastel style is able to bring you luck and happiness. See airica.michelle’style. The left part of her hair is purple, the right part is green, and the bangs are with dark green and purple. It looks just amazing and perfect. Get inspirations from her look. Use our 613a white blonde extensions to DIY the color, or tell us your final hair colors and vpfashion hairstylist helps you achieve the amazing looks. The style is 18inches 160g 613a white blonde extension. Use ‘airica9765’ for $10 OFF. For more details, visit the page of

613a white blonde extensions to DIY pastel hair colors


Vividvivka’ hair looks like a piece of art. Her markup, hair accessories and dress match well with her hair looks. You want to be an elegant lady like vividvivka. Get inspirations from her overall look. I have to say the hair style and color is a necessary part of the piece of art work. Use ‘vividvivka01’ for $10 off.

blue green long wavy hairstyle looks


The style is perfect for girls with blonde roots. The pastel colors are spreading over the bottom part of her hair. Each shade is light, not strong at all. She had three shades covering purple, orange and pink. If you like light hair look, the style is ok for you. It is fresh, and at the same time not too obvious. Let us do the customization work for U. For more details, visit the page of

light pastel hair colors dip dye wavy hairstyles

Bold Pastel Style

Love the pastel style? The girl has her hair done by her hairstylist. It looks very cool, right? Vpfashion is also able to make the color combo and send it to you directly. Use ‘instagram’ for $10 OFF | Shipping Worldwide

green red blue hair colors and wavy hairstyles


Look at the hot bright hair colors worn by Pauthemonster. She dyes the white blonde into three shades: red&yellow&green. Each shade is bright hot. Hot red, hot yellow and hot blue are there on one head of hair. If you want to highlight your personal taste, the style is no doubt one of the best options. The style is 22inches 220g 613a white blonde. Want to see more details of the page, here Use ‘pauthemonster01’ for $10 OFF

hot red yellow and green wavy hairstyles

Celebrities’ Rainbow Looks

Models such as Chloe Norgaard and Amelia Nightmare have the rainbow styles. They are wearing the bold and fresh styles for self expression. From this point of view, it is the best style. Get inspirations from the following celebrity looks. For each style, you can get help from vpfashion at reasonable prices by buying a set of rainbow clip in hair extension, and you can also do it yourself at home.

Audrey Kitching with rainbow hair shows up.

hot rainbow pastel hair colors

pastel bright hair colors styles to try out for 2015

pastel rainbow hair colors for hot looks

pastel rainbow hair colors ideas and styles

blue yellow pink bright pastel hair styles for 2015

rainbow curly hairstyles looks

Vpfashion – Professional Hairstyle and Colorist

See the list of hair colors customized by us. From ombre, colorful to pastel, rainbow, vpfashion is working on studying on more bright colors for you to choose from. It is our honor to give you tips, hair help, and server you.

vpfashion custom ombre and colorful hair colors





Permalink to Bold Hair Color Ideas

Bold Hair Color Ideas

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Get yourself a custom pastel shade by using our 613a white blonde extensions and hair coloring services. Vpfashion posted bold hair colors worn by our beauties on Instagram a few months ago and you all gave your loves. Now we are still working on bringing bold and exciting hair colors to you all. If you are daring enough, you can also try for glow shades or rainbow pastel. ALL kinds can be made by vpfashion. When you are excited about one of them, just let us know your thoughts.

bold hair color shades

November Look

Hot yellow pink hair goes well with the autumn leaves. It is one of the hottest hair looks for Autumn 2014.Hello #November & Hello #Readhead. Details are on the page of

yellow pink hair shades for Nember looks


Wow, the hot red shade is just so bright that my attentions can’t be controlled to be on it. Many thanks to our fashionista @cervenafox~~~ She uses vpfashion 22inches 220g 613a extensions to DIY the red shade. She wears it on the #redcarpet at the #myfacemybodyawards2014!   Use ‘cervenafox13103’ to get $10 OFF

bold hot red hair colors


Bright Barbie pink hair color is tried by our beauty @dxni_ who worn 20inches 115g 613a clip ins. Medium hair changes into long vivid hair. The long and thick hair helps her stop cold. The bold hair shade goes well with the yellow view in autumn. It looks so beautiful. If you are interested in the style, feel free to tell us your requests. For more infor, here is Use ‘dxni01’ for $10 OFF.

bold pink hair in short and long


The pink dip-dye style is done by vpfashion hair colorist. If you want to lighten up your blonde hair however don’t want to deal with the root re-growth, get inspirations from @Kawaiiqiao and go for a soft blonde ombre coloring. We customized this pastel pink dip dye with our high volume 24inches 260g 613a extensions. In the case you have your own style which needs to be customized, feel free to let us know. We are ready here to give you help. Use ‘peachy2’ for $10 off.,

DIY pink dip dye hair extensions by vpfashion

pink dip dye long straight hair looks


Have fun with the bold pink hair color? Our pretty girl @vilmaerikson adds hair volume and pale pink light blue to her pink hair by coloring our white blonde 613a extensions. Get more inspirations from her look. The style is: white blonde 613a extensions 24inches 260g   Use ‘vilmaerikson01’ for $10 OFF

ligh pink dark pink waves


Emilysusanah is really a loyal fan of red hair. She posts a list of hair color in red on her Instagram Channel. There is a minor difference among red shades, and each one of them look bold and exciting. The red shade is really hot in Fall & Winter. Her hair also looks very thick, right? Please choose high volume covering 160g,220g and 260g for thicker and fuller hair look.

Use ‘Emilysusanah01’ for $10 OFF

hot red  thick hairstyles


Like the Aero shade? Our beauty @cornkaeke worn the bold blue shade dyed with our white blonde 613a extension. It is 22inches 220g. The color is liked by many girls and worn on their daily life. They are beautiful and hold up well to dyeing and styling. They are really soft. Like the idea?

Use ‘cornkaeke01’ for $10 OFF, sweeties!

light blue choppy hairstyles with side-parting hairline


A lucky thing happened to blue hair is that it helps girls have more chances to be the center of attention, attracting more eyes. Our beauty @filliehfamousofficial wears blue mermaids which inspires quite a few girls who have come up to her to ask for dye tips. She tells us that hair dying is fun. Want to add fun to your life by DIY Hair into Blue as filliehfamousofficial does. The style she uses is 22inches 220g 613a extensions. Use ‘Fillieh16522’ for $8 OFF. For more details: here is

dark blue light blue wavy hairstyles

True Blue Waves

Like the hair color? It is really awesome and curls are very natural. The brunt bangs add a cute add to the whole look. Interested in DIY Hair Color? Use our white blonde 613a to dye into your desired hair looks. It is really a good hair color idea for the up-coming Christmas Day.

dark blue thick wavy looks


Our beauty @_bluehairdontcare dyes her hair into bright Azure. And she parted her hair into one side which exaggerates the look of her choppy layers. The exciting and bold style and color highlights young girls personality, outstanding their ideas and thinkings.

The eye-catching hair look is made with our 18inches 160g 613a extensions. The dye cream she uses is from #Ion. For more details, here is  Use ‘bluehairdontcare01’ for $10 OFF

dark blue thick layered hair looks

Blue/Purple Hair in Brown Highlights

Are you attractive to the highlights styles of blue/purple in black hair? They look very bold and exciting. It is for sure that eyes and attentions will be on you when you are wearing the style on street. Rock the beauty style by easily applying our customized clip-in hair extensions!

blue purple highlights in black hair

Purple Ombre

The style has a very natural purple color transition. It goes gradually dark purple to light purple. Both straight and wavy are attractive. I just can’t move my eyes away from them. See the effect on the right worn by our beauty. Style it into a personal look. You will be the queen among girls because of the bold hair shade.

Our CS012 is ombre purple clip-in extension. Use ‘instagram’ for $8 OFF.

natural purple ombre hair extensions

see the extension above here

purple hair colors and styles for 2015


It is right time for hair color transformation. Mimixdarko is doing the test, saying goodbye to her turquoise hair and changing to cool black&grey. She uses vpfashion 22inches 220g 613a white blonde extensions for the hair look change. Are you thinking the try? Feel free to share your hair color look for new season. More detail is on the page of

Use ‘mimixdarko2’ for $8 OFF.

grey brown wavy hairstyles and colors









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Purpe&Purple Ombre Hair Colors with Dyeable White Blonde Hair Extensions (613a)

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Are you one of them who are attractive to purple shades. However, you aren’t sure which one you want to go for. We collect a list of purple hair colors our gurus tried. You’ll be at least get a shade of purple you are comfortable with. There are many kinds of purple combos ranging from subtle shade to proud one. Read on to find one you can rock.

Magenta & Purple Shade

The magenta&purple shade is very attractive to many girls who, however, want to have the color without bleaching or dying their own hair. After getting the news, vpfashion posts the amazing vibrant purple with the infor that our white blonde 613a hair extensions are able to be dyed the color combo. Enjoy the process of Color-DIY 613a white blonde clip-ins. Link is:

dark purple soft curls for 2015 hair color trends


Purple Dip Dye

Cyber grape at bottom and blonde at top is the type of attractive purple dip dye. The hair look in the photo above is super gorgeous. The curls are flowing softly over back. Our 613a white blonde clip in hair extensions is able to help you achieve the look. Use 613a clip-ins for color DIY.

blonde purple long purple curls


Purple Dip Dye for Colorful Hair Looks

The style of colorful hair look is the combination of purple, pink and brown. Get colorful hair looks from the color combo. Every kind of hair colors can be colored with our 613a white blonde clip-ins. If you are tired of it one day, you can also beach the color and redye 613a white blonde extensions into your next desired color. Anyway, 613a extensions are redyable.

beautiful pastel hair colors and soft curls


Cool Purple&Pink&Blue Styles

Is it cool to have purple, pink and blue thick hair likes ones in the photo? Such amazing hair looks will help you attract more attentions and eyes. Like one or all of them? Come to vpfashion and purchase 613a extensions to achieve the looks above.

purple pink blue hair colors in thick curls


Emilysusanah’ Bright Lavender

Rock your day with pretty long hair in bright lavender. The purple shade fits her perfectly. When it is in the sunlight, it looks more bright and attractive. Emilysusanah uses 613a white blonde extensions to dye the color from vpfashion. The style: 22inches 220g 613a#

Use ‘Emilysusanah01’ for $10 OFF

Bright Lavender soft curls with side-parting

purple&Mint hair combo in thick curls


Byzantium on top Byzantine at bottom

The color combo has Byzantium on top and byzantine at bottom. The one on the left is wavy style, and the one on the right is straight. Both are eye-catching. The amazing style can be shipped worldwild. Use ‘vphalloween‘ for $15 OFF.

purple pink ombre curls and straight curls



Hair Colors in Purple Shades in collection. Wikileakskd is really a fan of purple hair. All the purple styles are hers. Each one of them can be dyed with our white blonde 613a extensions. Sweeties, have fun with our super-easy-to-dye white blonde 613a. Use ‘instagram‘ for $8 off ur order!

natural soft curls in both wavy and straight styles


Purple on top Pink at bottom 

Purple to pink ombre style goes well with her markup. The ombre curls look attractive both in ponytail and flowing curls.

Use ‘instagram‘ for $8 OFF.

purple pink fun hair colors for 2015 hair trends



Do you see the obvious difference between the left one and the right. She has beautiful straight purple hair, and changes into long purple curls with our 613a white blonde extension. The style is 22inches 220g extension. The hair looks in the picture above prove that she is a capable hair colorist. Wanna go with DIY hair color as she does. Order our 613a extensions with coupon code “maddy01” for $10 off!

straight hair styles and wavy hair cuts for girlish looks



Theashley_rose wears turpuoise to purple ombre curls. The hair volume is good and color looks natural. How gorgeous it is! Purchase ur 613a white blonde extensions for DIY color dyeing. One day you want to change another one, you can just bleach it can redye another one. Use code ‘theashleyrose01’ for $10 OFF~

purple hair colors

purpl hair colors 2015



Sweetheartshaniiboo gives us hair surprise and inspirations with her hair look. Thanks for her support. If you guys wanna try our clip-in hair extensions and have the hair color like hers, come to vpfashion to have a try.

purple hair styles and colors



Celestial_faerie tried mermaid hair in blue and purple shades. If you are the one who also likes pastel ombre combo, try our 613a white blonde extensions for DIY color. The style she tries is 24inches 135g

blue purple hair curls and colors

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Hot Blue Hair Looks and Ideas with 613a White Blonde Extensions

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A blue hue is very flattering and eye-catching. Blue hair look is one of the best ways to show off your beauty looks and daring side. Check out the following list of  vpfashion gurus who use 613a white blonde extensions in different ways to wear soft blue hair.


Kenzie_in_wonderland is able to dye blue shade with 613a white blonde extensions. The blue locks in the photo are her piece of work. White sweater and green grass look like natural view, just going with the blue hues. It is a cool look, isn’t it? Want to have a try on DIY 613a for a bright color look? Come to learn from her.

soft blue  hair curls to add volume

Purple Blue Ombre Style

Purple blue ombre hair in the photo is natural and hot. Purple roots, sea blue in the middle and green blue at bottom, one naturally graduates to another. The style has perfect curls, looking shine and healthy. If you want to have a head of colorful hair, the one is definitely recommended to you.

purple blue green thick curls for 2015 hairstyles ideas


Lustfulldoll colors her hair into ball blue shade. She styles it into soft big curls with side bangs. The whole appearance is cool. The extension she wears is 20inches 115g. The original extension color is white blonde (613a), and then colored into the shade in the photo.

long soft blue curls  with side bangs

Brown Blue Ombre Curls

Semmy dyed vpfashion 613a white blonde hair extension into brown blue ombre style. Textures, top brown hues and bottom blue hues make a bold statement for any daring lady. The style is: 20inches 160g. Use ‘instagram‘ for $8 OFF.

brown blue green three tone bold hair for 2015 hairstyles trends


Yhasyme is a hair coloring DIYer. Her hair color often changes from purple to blue or from blue to purple. Minor Waves with flunt bangs highlight her big eyes. The lovely hair color is made by our 18inches 160g hair extensions. She looks very pretty.

blue and purple pink soft curls with blunt bangs


Get hair color and style inspirations from saria_suicide. She styles her hair into straight. And the best way to show off the bright shining blue is straight style. The style: 20inches 160g white blonde 613a. Use ‘sariasuicide01’ for $10 OFF.

straight layered blue hairstyles with side-painting


Mermaid hair crush by @theminadoll, who rocks our 24inches 260g 613A# with two toned blue & green hair color combo! The hair style makers her look like an angle, or a fish in sea. And the style features 10% brown on top and about 90% blue on bottom. Use ‘theminadoll01’ for $10 OFF.

flattering light blue wavy hairstyles in long length


Our girl @tekkbisduverreckst  sent us her ombre result with customized ombre clip in. She wrote to us that she wants three-tone look: black on top, blue in middle and green on bottom. The color proportion is 60%-15%-25%. We color the style according to her requests, and final look wins her heart. We are very happy to see her smiles. If you want to have the similar hair look, see our CS017 20inches 160g at Use ‘NOVALANALOVE02’ for $8 OFF

brown blue green three tone ombre straight hairstyle ideas


Enchanted Forest style & mermaid hair 613A# DIY by @phoenix_hayley (18inches 160g) . The exotic shine of ocean blue over jet black hair is very bold. The long curls add more volume.


 Blue Highlights and Blue Ombre

Blue highlights on the left and white blue ombre on the right, both of them look great. And personally I like the blue style on the left better. It is so natural and flattering. Girls with it on the street will catch more attention. The curls are soft and naturally flowing over the back.

The blue and white hair mixed perfectly with each other.

blue highlights and blue ombre for 2015 hair looks

Brown Blue Ombre

Straight style is one of the best ways to show off shine blue toned color. Style it to one side is more feminine and girlish. Brown color on top goes well with the blue shade for ombre look.

Like it? Our 613a white blonde hair extension is easily able to be colored to your desired style.

straight brown blue hairstyle ideas

Vpfashion DIY Blue Ombre Style

black blue green three-tone ombre curls

see the extensions above here

Vpfashion has a professional team on hair coloring. The three tone ombre in the photo above is dyed by vpfashion. How cool and awesome it is! Search Cs017 to see the details. The pro details: 24inches-135g 100% Indian virgin human hair extension




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Trending Red Hair looks and Ideas with 613a hair extensions

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Red hair just goes with you in the season. Fashion gurus on Instagram and Youtube turn to red hairs, such as Tracihines and Fritzidtd. And I believe that it would be a fashion trend among girls who love red. And with the help of hair extensions, you can quick turn to be a mermaid with long red wavy hair, like pretty Tracihines.

tracihines red mermaid hair with vpfashion extensions

Here I collect a list of hot red looks shared by our beauties. Maybe you can get hair inspirations from one of them. Try one style with hot color for a new look.


The red ombre hair color looks great on fritzidtd. With 613a white blonde extensions, Fritzidtd turns her short hair into long thicker style, and wears more obvious ombre look. The style: 20inches 115g high quality hair extension. link:

long thicker red hairstyles looks


Ashcostello wears cool red & black hair. She is a creative girl, and applies creative ideas into her hair style. Order white blonde 613a extension to dye into half red and half black style and then apply it. Use code ‘ashcostello01’ for $10 OFF ur purchase! With a dark flower headband on and delicate makeup, the whole look is just a piece of art. High taste and high lever in Ashcostello look.

cool half red half black wavy hairstyles looks


How beautiful and vibrant ombre hair from red to yellow! It looks like a fire. Animeejadore is a hair coloring expert. She purchased a white blonde 613a extension from vpfashion and then dyed it into top red bottom yellow ombre style. The style: 22inches 220g hair extension. Follow her and get more hair color inspirations:

Use ‘aimeejadore01’ for $10 OFF on each order.

red and yellow ombre hair colors for 2015 new trends

purple and pink colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions cs010 purple and pink colorful  hair extensions cs010$111 Free Shipping

Custom color indian remy clip in hair extensions Custom color indian remy clip in hair extensions$119 Free Shipping


Hanoverboard dyes 18inches 160g hair extension into two colors: hot red and red pink ombre. She applies the two styles and pin them into a picture. Which one u like better? Or you have your own ideas? Comment below and let’s know what we can do to help you.

Use ‘hanoverboard01’ for $10 off

hot red hair colors with pink at bottom for 2015 trendy looks


Half red & black hair look showed off by our guru starfuckedmodel. Get the awesome two colors on both sides inspirations from the photo. If you are a hair color DIYer like starfuckeredmodel. Try our white blonde 613a to color your desired hair look. Half red hair style with delicare makeup is a cool look.

Use ‘starfucked01’ to get $10 OFF!

half red half black hair colors with 613a hair extensions


Like the long pink locks? Lean from our guru Creepitcute who uses our 24inches 260g 613a hair extension to color into pink. The pink is bright and natural. The hair coloring process is made a video in her Youtube channel: creepitcute! If you are interested in hair coloring, you can learn the skill here. And then you can test whether you have mastered it or not by trying our 613a extension to have your desired color. link:

Use ‘creepit01’ for $10 off!

long pink hair colors with dyed 613a hair extensions


Mermaiderotica wears red pink ombre curls. The hair color&styles and the sweetheart black lace dress are perfect for sexy hair looks. She uses our 22inches 220g 613a extension to achieve the hot hair look. With the feature of being curled and dying repeatedly, she can make full use of her hair coloring skill. Use ‘mermaiderotica01‘ for $10 OFF. link:

sexy red pastel hair colors for 2015 looks

Medium Violet-Red

Medium violet red hair with braided half up adds a touch of warmth to the sea view. The shade of red can be colored with our high quality easy-to-dye 613a extension.


braided half up hairstyles in red shade

Black Red Ombre Style

Why does it win the attention of 1240 girls? The answer is its pink dip dye hair color. You want to achieve the hot hair look on your own with our white blonde 613a extensions, or enjoy hair color customization at Email us to let us know your requests to better service you.  link:

black and red ombre hair styles&colors for 2015 looks


The lovely girl shows how bold and bright red her hair is. The look on the right is styled sized curls to add more volume. What’s more? The red style has black highlights. Do you fall in love it? Use our super-easy to dye 613a for color dyeing to achieve red hair with back highlights. link:

red trendy wavy hairstyles and colors

Youtube Red

Rich red curls with blunt-bangs are pretty much all what we want our hair to look. For the up-coming 2014 winter/2015, you can dye our 613a white blonde extension into the hot red. Wanna have a try now? Come to colorful hair extension page to get inspiration or order 613a to dye your desired color on your own. link:

hot red  hair colors in soft curls

Hot Red Hair collected from Pin, which can be colored with our 613a white blonde extensions.

bright red hair colors in soft waves and half up hairstyles

red hair colors in different styles

purple red hair colors for 2015 hot looks


Light Ash Brown Pink Ombre Indian Remy Clip in Hair Extensions MS14p1 Pink Ombre Indian Remy Clip in Hair Extensions MS14p1$111 Free Shipping

pink ombre indian remy clip in hair extensions cs019 pink ombre indian remy clip in hair extensions cs019$111 Free Shipping

colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions cs014 colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions cs014$111 Free Shipping

For the above IG bella red locks, simply use our dye-able 613a# clip in human extensions! Get fun for DIY color dyeing!


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Colorful Hair Extensions at

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Want to try extensions but don’t know which color will look perfect on your whole appearance? Not sure whether the new color or style will suit you or not? Jacky, the professional hair stylist from Vpfashion will tell you the answer, and he has help many gurus achieve their desired hair color looks. He always respect girls’ own ideas about hair color and then give them the most valuable suggestions he can. The wonderful effect with extensions win the attention of more girls. Stories below are the real cases on what vpfashion does for our customers.


Emilydearheart chooses 24inches 260g 613a white blonde hair extension to dye into purple pink color.  The shade works perfect on her, highlighting her character and cool look. Do u like her look? Wanna follow the awesome bright hair look? Use ‘emilydearheart01’ for $10 OFF.

pink purple long hair styles with extensions


Mclovinnbabe tried colorful ombre long hair look with 24inches 260g extension. The hair color is made by our professional hair dye team. The amazing hair look helps her win many fans. Enjoy customization service to have your desired hair color look. Use ‘mclovinnbabe01‘ for $10 OFF

brown pink ombre hair color and styles


Amazing long mermaid hair in gorgeous red is really eye-catching. Red hair color with white hair accessories creates a lovely special look. Are you looking for the big&long&dyeable hair look? High quality 613a is able to give the hot look with the help of our hair colorist.

use ‘tracihines’ for $10 OFF.

red hair color in long and thicker style


Tarelee shows off her awesome blue purple strands. She orders our 613a white blonde extension and then dyes it into the bright hair color. It looks so cool on her.

The hair color really catches my eyes, and makes me want to try it.

Use ‘tarelee01’ for $10 OFF.

long hair curls in blue for 2015 hairstyle trends


Maddiecarina tries blue dip dye hair look. The top color is black and the bottom color is blue. The half up hair style and the perfect soft curls make the hair color look more natural and awesome. If you fall in love it, just send us your quests to our customer team. Use ‘maddiecarina01’ for $10 OFF.

black blue ombre hair looks with hair extensions


Hayleydollx switches up her hair color into bright blue and green. Both straight and wavy hairstyles look cool. Use our white blonde 613a extension and then get help from our professional hair color team to have the cool look.

Use ‘hayleydollx13671’ for $10 OFF.

blue green long hair color and look


Get hair inspirations from the bright purple curls. The soft curls in purple hues is amazing and making us totally jealous. A flower headband adds a touch of romance to the purple style. Use ‘toxikbarbie12575’ for $10 OFF.

purple hair color with a flower headband


Dreaamloverr tried bright red hair color. The red shade is so hot and cool. Soft and natural curls work well with the shade, Use our 613a extension to dye into your desired hair color. I totally fall in love with the mermaid style. Use ‘dreaamloverr01’ for $10 OFF.

thick curls in red hair color for 2015 hot looks


Thedisneylandprincess tries pink hair, which is no longer a little girl’s color. She catches the hot trend, dyeing it into a sweet red pink. Use ‘katie12706’ for $10 OFF.

pink red hair color in straight style


Lady_luck13 tried light purple locks. The purple curls make us think about fairy heaven. The ombre style starts from white color at top and ends with purple. Wanna to learn from her, and order our re-dyeable 613a to have your desired hair look. Use our coupon code ‘ladyluck01’ for $10 OFF.

purple ombre curls in long style


Xmadamemara has blonde hair and switches up it into purple. Purple hair in the photo on the right looks more long and thicker. She dyes her hair and 613a purchased from vpfashion into purple. The purple shade will reflect sunlight in a better way. Use ‘alina14727’ for $8 off

purple hair color with 613a extension to be dyed


Theminadoll is a creative girl. She dyes her hair into half green and half blue. The hair look is really cool and special. The style: 24inches 260g 613a white blonde.

Use ‘theminadoll01’ for $10 OFF

half blue half green  hair long curls look for 2015 trends


Kayedewhite tries the light pink hair. She applies our customized pink hair extension which is 24inches 135g. The light pink hair looks so natural and lovely. Wanna have a try? Send ur requirements to! Use ‘kaye14428’ for $8 off

pink hair color with corful hair extension


Vividvivka tries colorful hair extension in blue grey and green. The inspo makes her look a flower angle. The romance hair color is dyed with 613a white blonde extension. I am shocked by the amazing hair color. use ‘vividvivka01’ for $10 off.

blue grey green hair color with colorful hair extensions


Mermaiderotica looks fabulous in the red and pink ombre style. The high weight extension makes the look more chic. The style: 22inches 220g 613a

Use her coupon code ‘mermaiderotica01‘ for $10 OFF

long thicker curls in red hair color


Irampiraofficial has a wonderful before&after blue ombre style. she has short blue ombre and change into long and thicker ombre style with our 24inches 260g 613a extensions. Use ‘iravampira12843’ for $10 OFF.

blue green ombre hair color with hair extensions for christmas look


Moorea247 has mermaid ombre loose curls. 24inches 260g 613a extension makes the look more eye-catching. If u wanna achieve multi-color mermaid hair, don’t forget to order our 613A# for dyeing.

blue green ombre wavy hairstyles 2015 with colorful hair extensions


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The Latest Brown Ombre Hair Colors at

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Ombre hair colors in one set of hair extensions are hot to our customers. Our most popular products are mainly brown ombre styles. To give our customers more hot hair colors options, vpfashion and vpfashion blog are working on studying on new hair colors according to latest hair colors fashion show. Recently we have posted new hair colors photos on instagram and win thousands likes from our girls. Let’s take a look at the lists of new brown ombre styles.

1. Hot Ombre Hair Colors Collected from Pinterest

dark brown top light brown bottom ombre waves


The style is with 20% brown color and 80% medium golden mahogany brown. Style into clean big waves and natural ombre hair look is just in your front. When it is posted on instagram channel, it catches the attentions of 1021 girls over the night.

natural ombre hair colors and hairstyles

ins likes
The curls begin at the middle-length, and then flow naturally to the bottom. Get hair inspirations from the shade? The style is about 60% medium dark brown and 40% medium mahogany brown. The color combo looks warm, suitable for 2014 winter.

casual flowing ombre waves

ins likes1
The style is dark color at top and light auburn at bottom. The proportion is about 40% top and 60% bottom. The waves are very casual flowing over the back. It is also more often suitable to girls’ hair color. It is liked by more than one thousand girls within a short period of time of being posted. Would you like to have a try? Send your hair photos and desired styles to for customization.

soft ombré wavy hairstyles

ins likes11

Like the soft ombre rocks? Her hair color is very attractive. The top color of the style is about dark brown, the middle&bottom part is about light auburn and beeline honey. A flower headband adds a chic look to the whole appearance.

chocolate brown to blonde ombre wavy hairstyles

ins likes9

The style ombre color goes from chocolate brown to blonde. The waves are styled into lines, separated from each other. It is different from commonly-seen wavy looks, however still elegant and chic. Want to try the one for 2014 winter looks?  Vpfashion, as hair color expert, is able to help you make it.


2. Celebrities’ Inspired Hair Colors

Megan Fox bright ombre hairstyle look with ombre hair extensions

ins likes2

Some celebrities’ latest ombre styles also give us some inspirations. We offer Megan Fox ombre set. In the case you have your desired style which isn’t found at vpfashion blog, feel free to send us your ideal one and tell us your needs. Our customer team is ready to server you. Email:

Nina Dobrev sombre hair colors and hairstyles

Nina Dobrev also inspires us. Her sombre wavy style is perfect for fall hair looks. Look at the hair photo at the right. It is our hair extension with the same ombre color as Nina dobrev. It’ll help you achieve celebrity hair look.


3. Vpfashion Gurus’


high volume ombre hair extensions hairstyle looks

ins likes4

Our girl, manjaengel, tried two-tone ombre for fall looks. The style is dark brown 50% on top and medium reddish brown 50% on bottom. The perfect curls look natural and gorgeous.

Use ‘manjaengel’ for $10 OFF.



fabulous ombre hair styles looks

ins likes5

Johnluuu looks very beautiful on this ombre hair look. The ombre is brown and blonde matching. The color proportion is 60% to 40%. The top color is about light ash brown, and the bottom color is medium golden blonde.

Use ‘johnluu01‘ for $10 OFF.



natural ombre straight and wavy hairstyles with ombre hair extensions

ins likes6

Laurdiy’ both straight and wavy styles are hot for our girls. It is a fresh look for 2014 autumn. Her elegant hair look wins the heart of 702 girls.



vpfashion natural ombré human hair extensions to add Color fun and Length

  ins likes7

Want to add color fun &length &volume &thickness? Get hair inspirations from brittanysuleiman. Her style color combo is darkest brown, sparkling amber and highlights of honey blonde and light auburn.

Use ‘britt12974’ for $10 OFF



straight ombre hair styles looks with vpfashion extensions

ins likes8

Vanigliaviola tried 22inches 125g ombre extension from vpfashion. The color combo is 50% chestnut brown and 50% sparkling amber and highlights of honey blonde and light auburn. Final hair look helps her achieve a fairy tale look.

Use ‘vanigliaviola01’ for 8€ OFF



Cool ombré curls and fishtail braided hairstyles

see the extension above here

ins likes10

Just can’t stop to fall in love with the curls and fishtail braids made by samalamxo. Changing hair color to a new one is without any damage. Order one with code “sammie8552” for $10 off.

Style: uss146 20inches customized top (60%) -27s#(20%) -27# (20%)



pretty ombre hair styles looks with vpfashion extensions

                                                                                                    see the extension above here

Spiritlxss has a very natural ombre hair look with vpfashion hair extensions. She tried our MS3020 24inches instead of enjoying our customization service. The MS3020 at vpfashion blog meet her needs for new ombre hair color look. In the case you have your ideas for new hair color looks which didn’t find at vpfashion blog at the moment, you can enjoy our customization service. All you need to do is to tell us your hair lengths, hair color and your desired hair colors. Or send your fav hair photo.



vpfashion ombre extensions for long ombre locks and braided hairstyles

Tamtambeauty is so fabulous. The ombre hair color she chooses matches her own hair and her skin tone perfectly. The simply yet supper pretty hair styles are suitable for 2014 winter. Has the same hair color as hers and want to try the same ombre look as what she does. Come to vpfashion blog. The style is 24inches 260g 60% medium brown on top and 40% sparkling amber at bottom.
Use ‘Tamtambeauty13337’ to get $7 OFF your order.



flawless makeup and ombré hairstyles

see the extension above here

Autumnruark’s both markup and ombre hairstyles are beautiful. She chooses MS0214 with 2# (Darkest Brown 60%)-14# (Light Ash Brown 40%) for the ombre look. Use ‘autumnruark01‘ to get $10 OFF.



ombre hair extensions to add hair color to your own hair

Get bored with your hair color? Learn from sharon_yiu.  She tries one ombre extension with 2# (Darkest Brown 40%)-215# (60%). Use ‘sharony01’ to get $10 OFF your order!



brown ombre hairstyles curls for 2015 hair color trends

ins likes12

I love her ombre hair color and style. It looks so cool on her. The high volume ombre one matches her hair perfectly. The style is 18inches 160g 5# (Medium Brown 40%) – 30# (Light Auburn 30%) – 27# (Honey Blonde 30%).

Use ‘missmettaxiong13892’ to get $10 OFF



cool ombre hair styles looks

see the extension above here

ins likes13

The ombre style is so cool. I love her whole look. The style she tried is two-tone ombre. The style is 14inches 125g usw152 with 30# (Light Auburn 30%) – bottom color 24# (Pale Golden Blonde 70%).



two-tone ombre hairstyles

2015 fashionable ombre hairstyle looks


Wow, is that a cool look?  The cool look is achieved with 20inches 160g three-tone. The top hair color is 1B# (Off Black 60%)-27S# (Sparkling Amber 25%)-27# (Honey Blonde 15%) with Highlights 30# (Light Auburn).



natural and gorgeous ombré hair looks

see the extension above here

Federica_felletti wears so natural and gorgeous ombre look. She tried 22inches 220g usw150 from blog.vpfashion. The style is with 5# (Medium Brown 40%) – 27A (Sunflower Blonde 30%) – 27(Honey Blonde 30%)
Use code ‘federica14070’ for $8 OFF your purchase!



the best straight ombre hair styles for 2015 hairstyles trends

see the extension above here

The hair look is so natural. The soft hair look and her smile on her face are so sweet. The style is 20inches 115g usw150 with 2# (Darkest Brown 60%)-27# (Honey Blonde 40%).


chic ombre wavy hairstyle looks

see the extension above here

Get inspirations from our girl ‘yourfashionoutfit’. The style is 18inches 100g uss145 with two-tone hair colors: 5# (Medium Brown 40%) – 27s# (Sparkling Amber 60%).

Use ‘fashion12969’ to get $8 off.



Ombré /dyed hair extensions for occasions!???? They will make U a perfect day.

brown ombre big wavy hairstyles

See the extensions above here

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