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Collection of Those Hot Celebrity Hairstyles with Extensions—Part 2

In the last post, I have shown four favorite hairstyles sported by celebrities in 2013. All of them are easy to follow and suitable for daily creation. You don’t need to spend too much time making preparation while making these hairstyles because they only require long and thick hair, a brush and some hair spray. Some of you may feel not so satisfied with them and want to try something different. In today’s post, I will continue to share with you some hot hairstyles this year which are worn by those celebrities in various occasions. It is the same as the previous post, girls should make sure that you have long and thick hair to make the following hairstyles successfully. If your hair is short or thin, try the cheap clip in human hair extensions in our shop. Hope you can enjoy the part 2 of celebrity hairstyles with extensions and happy a good weekend.

#1 to #4 have been referred to in the Collection of Those Hot Celebrity Hairstyles with Extensions—Part 1

#5   Different kinds of Braid
A well-braided hair can create brand new feelings for girls like you. There are many ways to braid your hair, for instance, headband braid, French braid, Dutch braid, ponytail braid, fishtail braid, waterfall braid, etc. “The simplest possible braid is a flat, solid, three-strand structure in some countries/cases called a plait. ”(Wikipedia) Here I only show you some photos of braid and if you want to have a try, there are some related posts about braid hairstyles in our blog. You can click the post titles below and have a further reading if you are interested. Some of them are explained with detailed descriptions while others are shown with pictures only.

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braided hair for girls 2013 by clip in remy and best hair extension
celebrity milkmaid braid hair with clip in 18 inch brown extension for short hair
cute braided hairstyle by clip on 20 inch brown cheap hair extensions
long messy braided hair with blonde wavy extension clip on

#6   Half-up and half-down
Many celebrities tend to choose this hairstyle when they are attending ceremonies. It is a nice choice if you are planning to go to a party by wearing evening dress. The smooth flowing hair can make your shoulder partly hidden and partly visible, which can add femininity to your whole feeling. For the half-up part, you can simply twist it or you can make an easy braid.

stylish hairstyle by clip on long silky wavy human hair extension
sexy wavy half do hair with 22 inch brown real extension for short hair clip on
Cassie Scerbo half-up and half-down hair by clip in brown ombre colored natural hair extensions
Selena Gomez long wavy half-down by clip in 22 inch black wavy extension for short hair
black wavy hairstyle for female with clip on black wavy human hair extension


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#7   Classic Up-do
It is no wonder that up-do is the most classic hairstyle for women in almost all the occasions. As one of the hottest hairstyles, it has been transformed into various styles. Except for the elegant updo which is tidy and neat, many girls turn to the messy and casual type. Before you make your hair into an up-do, you can twist your hair or braid them. It doesn’t mean that messy updo is disorderly and unsystematic, it only means you can make it more natural look by pulling some hair loose. Both the wavy hair and straight hair texture can have a try. My suggestion here is you should make sure your hair length is over 18 inch so that the up-do can be styled successfully. If your hair is short and thin, try to apply the 18 inch hair extensions for a further creation. There are also some articles focus on the up-do tutorial for your reference.

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cute up-do hairstyle for girls 2013 with best hair extension clip in
chic and flattering celebrity hairstyles with clip on cheap extension
Taylor  Swif retro updo with clip on straight blonde hair extensions for short hairl
Kate Mara best hairstyle with medium clip in natural hair extensions
elegant and neat updo hairstyle for female by clip on 18 inch brown remy hair extensions


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dania ramirez easy updo hair with 18 inch great and cheap extension clip on
celebrity up-do hairstyle by clip on 16 inch remy and cheap hair extensions

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