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Greet Summer with Fascinating Dyed Hair Extensions

Summer has finally come, and you can see colorful dresses everywhere. Except for make-ups and getting dressed up, your hair style is also a very important part. Do you want to try a new color or a different style to match with your clothes? Hold on for a second before you make such a big change because you have to think about the following problems. Is the length of your hair long enough to make a wave style? Are they thick or exiguous for you to complete the change? If you want to try a new color on your natural hair, you are running the risk of getting your hair hurt. Does that mean your dream will never come true? Definitely not! We can use hair extensions to help you realize your dream. Today we will show you how to dye your hair extensions and give you some related tips for a better result.

fashion dye hairstyles Nina Dobrev 2013

cute loose curly light brown hairstyle

wavy light brown medium braid hairstyle

Step 1  Pick a suitable color which can match with your natural hair.
A kind suggestion for you if you want to dye your hair: select a color which is 2 shades away from your natural hair. In the video, ayydubs chose the dark brown as the color of her original hair is darker.

cute colored braid hairstyles Nina

easy wavy colored hairstyles 2013

dip pink dye hairstyle

Step 2  Always use protection.
Remember that all the hair dyes &sprays are chemical agent and a pair of protective gloves should be prepared before you start dyeing. Disposable gloves made of plastic or rubber are both available.

disposal gloves for dye protection

Step 3  Mix the color with the developer.
A developer is not a necessity during the process of dyeing. It depends on the dye you choose and different result requires appropriate percentage of the developer. 10% is enough for a darker shade dye, 20% is proper for a 1 or 2 shades lighter dye. If you are dyeing it more than 5 shades lighter, 30% developer is the right dose. Don’t try 40-50% haphazardly as they are only for bleaching and professional use. At the same time, you should get a brush and bowl so that you can mix the dye with the developer easier and make sure that they are mostly to be applied. Another way for you to mix them well is by pouring the developer into the bottle of dye and then shake them. Some conditioners are suggested to be mixed with the dye before applying. This can help your extensions take the color and meanwhile will not damage your hair.

brush and bowl for hair dye

Step 4  Apply the mixture to extensions.
As the hair extensions are separated one by one, the dye turns to be easier. Add the mixture on the extensions with your protected hands and make sure the dye can seep through all of the extensions.

colored clip in human extensions summer 2013

Step 5  Set a timer!!
We can notice that ayydubs set 25 minutes for dye. Actually, the time is not fixed and it should be set according to the result you want to obtain. For most occasions, you can find the amount of time is written on the box of dye. However, if you are coloring to cover gray, add 10 minutes to the time. One important thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot leave the dye overnight. The stain can only stay active for around an hour and then stop coloring your extensions, and it will lead to a dry and damaged extension beyond repair. There is still an exception. You can leave the stain on overnight if you chose a semi-permanent vegan hair dye as they are entirely vegetable and won’t bring any damage.

timer for hair extensions dye

Step 6 Wash and dry!
Time is up and now you can wash the dyed hair with clean water. Rinse the stain out completely until the water runs clear. Put them on a clean towel and dry them gently. Allow your extensions to dry naturally instead of blow-drying as it will retain more shine that way. As the UV rays will interfere with freshly applied hair dye, pay attention that your newly dyed extensions should not be exposed in the sun for a long time.

wash and dry hair extensions

Now, there are still some tips for you to have a success dye.
1. Take care of your extensions with normal conditioner, and leave it in for a full five minutes. If you want to make your color last for a longer time,   choice shampoo which has a label that says it is safe for colored hair.

2. Cool aid is the bright choice if you are not ready to own a permanent dye as it will last about a week and smells fruity.

3. Dip dye and Ombre are welcomed in this summer and you can try a mixed color to dye your extensions to create subtle or striking styles. By using two lengths of cold fusion extensions can also have a surprise result.

mixed color  dye hairstyles for summer

wavy colored medium hairstyles

fashion colored hairstyles 2013

Here is the video that the YouTube guru ayydubs shows us how to dye  hair extensions.

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