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Kirsten Dunst Hair Looks: Hair Colors and Hair Styles Over the Years

Kirsten Dunst has become L’Oréal hair spokesperson. Keep track of her hair looks wil lead us to catch the right hair color and styles trends 2014. She will bring new values to L’Oréal with her strong personality. Get hair inspirations from her hair looks over the past years.

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Hairstyles with Headband

Hair accessories like hair head band are always hot to girls. Kirsten Dunst wear headband to make her look cuter.

Kirsten Dunst Long blonde Straight Hair Style with Headband

Finger Wave Hairstyle

Kirsten Dunst Finger Wave Shoulder-length Hair Styles 2014 in blonde shades

 Loose Long Curls

Curls along faces in long styles look great on girls with round faces.

Kirsten Dunst blonde long curls for thicker and fuller hair looks

Elegant Updos

Kirsten Dunst Elegant Hair Updos with shinning accessories

Half up and half down looks

Half up and Half Down bing curls for girlish and cute looks

Side Ponytail

Side ponytail in curls looks great.

Kirsten Dunst Ponytail Hairstyles 2014

Hair colors

Kirsten Dunst hair color is blonde. In most public looks, she has a little bit color change, always in blonde shade. Once in a while, she change her hair color into brown, or dark honey blonde.

Kirsten Dunst White Blonde Shoulder-length casual hair styles

Kirsten Dunst blonde shoulder-length big curls with side swept bangs

Blonde or platinum blonde will be hot hair colors in 2014. Want to have long and thick blonde hair? Hair extensions in blonde will help you have your desired looks.

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blonde color shades in color chart

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