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LENGTH & WEIGHT / 7 total questions

1. Product list
2. How to measure your own hair length
You should measure the hair starting from the top of the head to the bottom tip. (Note: If your hair is curly or wavy then measure the hair length after straightening. Usually curls will make your hair length shorter by 2~4 inches).

3. How to find out the length of your own hair?
4. Find out the length according to the body part?

5. How to choose the length of the hair extensions?
No matter how long your hair is, clip in hair extensions should be worn from the top downwards, around 2-6 inch; therefore if the length of the extension is N inch, the whole length will be N + 6 inch.
(Eg: If you want to add length to 24 inches long, 18 inches clip in will be recommended.)
6. How to choose the weight of the hair extensions?
If your own hair is medium thick or much thicker, or if you want to have a fuller final appearance, medium and high volumes are recommended to you. The super sizes (such as 30″-300g and 30″-300g) will be provided to meet your demands for super big/long hair.
So far, our customers’ satisfaction of the medium and thicker volumes are 100%. But 20% of our customers, who purchased our low volumes, hold that the thickness is not enough or the ends are a little thinner.

If you are not sure about the proper weight or wanna have other irregular sizes, free to contact our customer service (service@Vpfashion.com).

7. Final looks with different length & weight
Click here to see different looks.