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Medium Hairstyles 2014 Ideas

Hi loves. Summer is coming, and the weather is getting hot, so hair trends of medium hair styles 2014 is getting hot, too. Honey, if you work on the process of growing out your hair and want to know the best medium hairstyles for you, read on the following hair styles collection for medium length hair cuts.

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Middle-parting Straight Hair

Shoulder-length hair with center-parting has been in trend for a long time, and it is no exception for 2014. Middle parting is hot for catwalk-ready hair cut. Center-parting bangs give your shoulder-length hair equal volume for care-free busy days.

celebrity middle-parting medium-length straight hair styles 2014

Dakota Fanning Medium Straight Hairstyles blonde

A Full Bang

A full bang adds a vivid touch to ‘bland’ hair, successfully creating a high-fashion hair look on medium hair. If you have thin hair, a full fringe for medium-length hair will also creates thicker illusion.

A full fringe for high-fashion look on medium length hair

Illusion of thicker fuller hair giving a plump of volume to the front parts

Tousled Waves

Hair with Textures usually looks casual, lazy and relaxed. Ask your hair stylists to add a few layers to locks, and work a pea-size amount of whip to your ends of layers. By doing so, your mussed-up textures are done. There is a saying that Alexa Chung never goes wrong when it comes to hair/ makeup/fashion. The tousled waves with blunt bangs are in her best hair style list.

Alexa Chung Signature Midi-bob and Choppy bangs Tousled Medium-length Waves

medium length tousled waves hair styes for 2014 summer

Mermaid Hair Styles

Mermaid hair styles have a lot of textures, and the best hair length for the style is medium length. Mermaid style can look glamorous and fashionable on medium length. Tousled waves add large volume to your hair, creating fuller and thicker feeling.

Mermaid waves adding volume and texture to your hair

mermaid waves for medium length to add hair volume

Low Slung Bun

Low slung bun is right for medium-length hair, while the top knot style is based on long hair. low slung bun creates classic lady looks.

medium length hair for low slung bun

a low tight ponytail into a tight bun

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