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Real Hair Extensions Are Kind Assistants for Latest Winter Hairstyles

It is sure that the chill cannot get the better of us by deterring us from trying out some new looks and experimenting with different hairstyles. There are some cool and latest hairstyles you can try out to enhance your appearance and look chic and stylish in this winter. Some of you may feel it is complex to make some delicate hairstyles in such a cold day and you only want to make a proper hair with a limited time in the rush of morning. Hairstyles like waves, layers, bangs, bobs, etc are the alluring feminine cuts for winter. In this post, we are going to show you some latest winter hairstyles which are ruling the fashion world. All of the hairstyles mentioned below are for long hair and you can try to clip in the real hair extensions if your natural hair is not so that long or thick to make a similar hairstyle. 20 inch human hair extension is the best choice for you because they can be personalized as you like if necessary without worrying about the length is long or not.

1.    Bang hairstyles
There are many bangs for your choice if you want have a bang to get you the attention you want. You should have a clear idea about the shape of your face before you choose the right bangs. Bangs can be used to shape your facial form and you will look hot with side-swept bangs, framing bangs, blunt bangs or asymmetrical bangs, etc.

winter hairstyle with bangs and clip in remy and real hair extensions

2.    Wavy hairstyle
Keep your hair naturally open in a loose wavy style is full of sexy. The shiny curls and soft tossing waves can flatter the facial features in a very beautiful way. There is no doubt that the wavy hairstyle is the winner in the cold season. You can style your hair into center-parting, side-swept or pull the top section of the hair back and secured with pins at the nape of the neck. All of them will look chic and flattering if you match with proper make-up and dress-up. It is true that long hair with loose waves will look sexier than shoulder-length one. If you need to clip in hair extensions, 18 inch remy hair extension is the shortest length you are suggested taken into consideration.

long wavy hairstyle by clip in cheap and real hair extension
beautiful wavy hair with 16 inch blonde wavy hair extension for thin hair clip on
long sexy wavy hairstyle for 2014 with cheap and remy brown hair extension for short hair clip in
sexy wavy hairstyle for winter with brown colored hair extension clip in

Among all the before and after photos shown by our customers, some of them made their hair into the loose wavy style by clip in our human hair extensions.  The following are picked from the photo gallery for your reference. Some of them chose the ombre color hair extensions which are the hot trend in the recent years. 

loose wavy hair with black ombre hair extension clip in

brown ombre color real and cheap extension clip on

brown remy wavy hair extension clip on

honey brown natural wavy best hair extension clip in

3.    Updo Hairstyle
It is true that up-do is the fail-safe option for formal occasions. There are various types of updo and look elegant, classic, stylish and glamorous. Girls who want to attend party can try this kind of hairstyle. We also have many posts related to updo and you can click the title below for further reading.

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Top 3 Popular Up-do Tutorials by Clip in Cheap Hair Extensions

celebrity updo by clip on cheap and best human hair extensions
elegant and sleek updo with brown straight remy hair extension for thin hair clip on
easy and simple updo for girls by clip in 18 inch cheap hair extensions
easy and cute updo by clip in blonde human hair extensions

braided topknot by clip in brown ombre colored real and natural hair extension
three braided hair updo for 2014 with clip in 18 inch brown hair extensions

romantic formal updo tutorial with brown colored remy and cheap hair extension clip in

4.    Straight hairstyle
Straight hair is another classic hairstyle which will never go out of fashion. If you have long hair or you want to try the long hair style but do not want to spend too much time styling, you can attempt this stunning hairstyle with hair straightner. You should make sure that your hair is healthy and shiny enough so that they can achieve the feeling you want.

taylor swift straight hairstyle with best and cheap blonde human hair extension clip on
celebrity straight hairstyle by clip on sleek and natural human hair extensions


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chic and flattering hairstyle with 18 inch great hair extension clip on

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