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Stunning Blonde Hair Styles 2014 Looks with Blonde Hair Extensions

Blonde hair colors under the sun are very shinning and eyes-catching. Being a blonde hair will help you have more head-turns when you walk down the street. Give a second thought on the following blonde hair cuts to have your best hair looks 2014.

blonde hair ideas

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blonde hair color chart

blonde hair color chart

Pure Blonde Side Braids fishtail Braids Updos Styles With long Blonde hair

Side Braided Long Blonde Hair Styles with accessories

blonde Long Hair Braids Hairstyles long 2014 in blonde inches extension clip on

The Bottom Half Blonde

It is great for every skin tone. Your natural hair color at the top and a bit blonde hair color at the bottom is a color-matching look. The blonde hair color at the roots will highlight your hair color look. Style it into a little wavy or curls half up. You will look more girlish and stunning.

bottom half blonde hair styles 2014 with blonde hair extension

dark blonde to light blonde striahgt & wavy braided long hairstyles 2014

Light blonde to Dark Blonde

Light blonde color naturally goes to dark blonde shade. It features a bit of dark, a bit of warmth and a bit of bright touch. It is a cool color matching. The looks works perfect for girls with naturally darker hair. Big waves hair with side swept bangs is for face framing look. Ask your stylist to style it into big waves. Big wavy styles can be made into messy updos, twist bun, and ponytail.

light to dark blonde long wavy hair styles with layers and waves

blonde hair ideas

blonde to dark brown Reverse Ombré casual hairstyles

The Blonde Natural Ombre 

The ombre looks very natural and amazing. Big wavy style with center-parting requires low maintenance. Chocolate brown with a bright yet warm-toned blonde on the ends works for most people, and looks very stunning.   All those shades of blonde hair are styled into braided, updo and ponytails.   Blond ombre hair color matching from dark to bright, from bright shade to dark shade can be found at, which has a category on blonde ombre hair extensions. In fact, if you happen to have dark shade of blonde, you can choose pure light blonde extensions to wear to have blonde ombre hair styles. It well protects your hair quality, because color light changes without hair damage.

Human Hair Natural Blonde Ombre 2014 Styles with blonde ombre extension

UWO822 Natural Blonde Ombre Styles ordered from vpfashion.

Dark to Light blonde ombre half up hair styles with side bangs 2014 with blonde ombre extension

a new nice hair extensions style for the lovely summer 2014

Is there any way to lighten my ombré hair color? Hot Question! Jacky highly recommends Honey Blonde (27#) WHICHEVER color of your hair root is, trust us, it can work!!!  see more blonde hair photos, come here~

27# honey blonde hair and honey blonde ombre hair

Learn from our floral sweetie @cristinamusacchio on instagram and give yourself a new & nice style for the lovely summer 2014!!!
PS: Nice shorts~~ Style: 24inches in 613#

black and blonde hair extensions

blonde ombre braided half up headband hair styles 2014 stunning looks

More blonde hair and blonde ombre are here.

blonde half up half down hairstyles 2014 in long blonde extensions hair

black roots blonde bottom Light Golden blonde hair braided updo styles 2014

Blonde Hair Extensions For Stunning and Fabulous Styles


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At or, you can find blonde as solid-color and blonde ombre hair extensions. As for color proportions, hair length, you can personalize yours as you like for free. We’d love to hear about your thoughts and ideas on extensions hair clip on in ombre color and solid-color. Contact us at: For more blonde hair, click here.

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