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Super Long Hair in Different Colors with Great Length Hair Extensions this Autumn

The weather is gradually becoming colder. Can you feel it? I am trying my best to find suitable clothes for this autumn. Knitted sweater, windbreak or long dress, you can wear anything you like with a careful match. As the weather is cold and I want to wear long hairstyle so that I can keep my hat in the chest. Some of you may wonder how to grow your hair quickly in order to style them into a beautiful long wavy or straight style. There is no way to lengthen your natural hair in one night, but it is possible to get a super long hair style in a few minutes. This is when we can turn to clip in hair extensions for help, which can add length and volume to your natural hair and if you want to have similar hairstyle like Rapunzel, you can try the great length hair extensions. 24 inches human hair extensions can do you a favor.

cute and fabulous super long staight hairstyle for girls 2013 autumn with clip in long smooth hair extensions
long beautiful hair style with hair bow and clip in curly colored hair extensions

In this post, there are 8 different hair colors which are all in the super long length. Girls who are interested in this can have find some inspirations in this post.

❤ Brown color super long hair
If the color of your hair is brown, it will be one of the most welcome hair colors that you are styling. Imagine the hair is so long that its tail is around your hip, the brown color can make the whole feeling look more friendly and natural. Besides, the brown color hair extensions are the hot-selling products among all the solid-color human hair extensions.

cute and sweet long brow straight hairstyles for 2013 autumn with great length hair extension clip on
sweet and super long brown hair style with long silky wavy hair extensions clip on
fashion super long brown hair with cheap brown extensions clip in

super long wavy hairstyles with hair extensions

Super long hair in ombre&highlights, and get hair inspirations from the style above

super long brown curls

Look her hair, girls! You may curl your long hair way like this, so hot

❤ Black to brown hair style
For girls whose hair is almost dark and who want to try ombre color hairstyle, this one is a brilliant choice. Black ombre hair is the hottest choice among girls and there are many orders of this color on the website. Up till now, many customers have chosen brown color hair extensions to make an ombre effect by themselves.

long sleek black to brown color hair with straight black and brown ombre color hair extensions clip on
fashion black and brown ombre color hair styles with black ombre hair extensions clip in
fashion and easy long brown hair for girls by clip on natural great length ombre hair extension

❤ Brown and blonde ombre hair
Blonde is the color which shades from the light brown. While girls combine the two tones, a perfect ombre effect can be achieved. This brown to blonde ombre color is suitable for almost everyone and is very easy to match with your clothes.

super long hair trends by adding beach waves to the ombre style

loose curly long hair by clip on brown and blonde ombre hair extensions

sexy long straight brown and blonde ombre color hairsytles with best natural ombre hair extension clip on

blonde and brown great long hair styles for autumn with clip on natural ombre color hair extensions

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❤ Black hair in super long length
I promise that if you can make your hair smooth and slick enough, you can style them into loose wavy, curly or simply let them open naturally in a straight status. The black hair is sexy and full of mystery. The hair color is classic and all-match.

straight long easy hairstyle for girls with clip on cheap human hair extension

❤  Blonde long hair is unique
This one is a good choice for those whose skin-tone is white. A long hairstyle in blonde can promote the temperament and you can get a sweet appearance.

cute blonde hair styles for party by clip on best human long blonde hair extensions
blonde super long hairstyles for 2013 by natural human hair extension clip on

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Those of you with the following colored hairstyles can turn to very light color hair extensions for help so that you will not need to bleach them. 100% human hair extensions are recommended because they can be dye- and style- friendly.

❤ Orange color is fashion enough
Actually, there are a large amount of girls who choose the orange hair color. One caution here is the color can between the orange and dark brown. You are not suggested to dye them into a very shinning orange so that you will find yourself in a desperate situation when you find the clothes used to be a good match no longer fit you.

long orange hairstyle for autumn with sleek straight colored hair extension clip in
funky and flattering long curly orange hair with colored best clip in long human hair extensions
orange colored long straight hair by clip in colored best cheap long hair extensions
super long orangre hair style by clip in great lengths hair extensions

❤ Purple and Green is so particular
No matter you want to choose purple or green color, a wise method here for your reference is to add some gray color while you are dyeing your hair extensions. The final hair color won’t be so dazzling and it can blend in with the color of autumn.

beautiful and fashion purple straight hair styles with silky straight purple dyed hair extensions clip in
long sleek purple hair styles for girls with best cheap long straight hair extension clip on
super long green hair by clip on dyed human hair extensions

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