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Easy Long Straight & Loose Wavy Hairstyles with Hair Extensions Clip in

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Hey guys, how about your weekend? Did you go on a date, watch the latest movie, go shopping or just stay on bed and watch the series? I have spent a very wonderful time with my friends because both of us have new hairstyles. We went to the barbershop and made a change of our hairstyles. I chose to straighten my hair so that they can look smooth and longer. My friend curled her hair into loose wavy because she wanted to be a sexy girl. I love long hair and any types of long hairstyles are so amazing and charming. Do you have natural long hair? Do you want to make many kinds of hairstyles as you like? In this post, I will only show you the long straight and loose wavy hairstyles. It must be the easiest hairstyle among all, but it can bring different feelings if you can match with your outfit in a right way. They are also available for many occasions and can maintain for a whole day.
Please make sure that your hair is long enough so that you can replicate the amazing feeling like the following pictures. Human hair extensions can do you a favor if your natural hair is short or thin.

24inches 613 white blonde extenion for blonde ombre straight hair style

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easy long hairstyle for date 2014 by clip in 20 inch human hair extensions

Casual Home style
There is no need to style your hair into a very delicate hairstyle when you are at home. Keep your hair naturally open in a smooth straight way or loose wavy style is simple. You can divide them into two even part or make them side-swept. Center-parting hair is suitable for girls with an oval face shape while side-swept style can help to add softness or balance. You can choose the right real hair extensions according to your natural hair if necessary. Human hair extensions are better than those synthetic ones and there are some cheap hair extensions with high quality in our shop.

beautiful long wavy hair with 18 inch  remy hair extension clip on
simple daily hairstyle for girls by clip on 24 inch blonde straight hair extension for short hair
long wavy hairstyle for women by clip in 18 inch brown colored real extension
home hairstyle for female with long hair extensions clip on
casual hairstyle for home with 18 inch natural and great hair extension clip on

Cool Street Hair
The long straight hair with a suitable hat and a pair of sunglasses can create a perfect cool street style which is a good choice for young girls. It can be available all the year around. One of the hottest colors for this style is brown and girls whose hair is not so that long can try the brown clip in hair extensions.

hairstyle for street with hat and great lenght cheap remy hair extension clip on
cool street hairstyle with sleek natural remy human hair extension clip in
easy street hairstyle for 2014 spring by clip on 22 inch brown silky hair extensions


20 inches wavy two tone ombre clip on hair extensions usw150 115g20 inches wavy two tone ombre clip on hair extensions usw150 115gCHECK PRICE

22 inches wavy two tone ombre indian remy clip in hair extension usw152 125g22 inches wavy two tone ombre indian remy clip in hair extension usw152 125gCHECK PRICE

22 inch brown human hair extension 125g uss32222 inch brown human hair extension 125g uss322CHECK PRICE

16 inch wavy brown human hair extension usw41616 inch wavy brown human hair extension usw416CHECK PRICE


Romantic Date Time
The silky and smooth long blonde hair or the loose brown wavy hair is so charming and attractive for girl who is preparing for the honey date. The straight hair makes you look cute and build the kind of pure imagination. On the contrary, a well styled wavy hair can add enough feminine to the whole feeling. If your natural hair is short but you want to style yourself into long hairstyle, you can clip in the natural hair extensions for short hair.

easy straight long hairstyle with 22 inch blonde hair extensions clip in
simple but romantic long hairstyle by clip in 18 inch real human hair extensions
romantic hairstyle for date 2014 with 20 inch brown natural hair extensions clip in

Sexy Beach Girl
Just image the picture that you are wandering on the beach and the long naturally open hair is blowing in the wind. You can wear the selective bikini or maxiskit as you like. The whole picture is seductive, harmonious and you are sexy enough.

sexy beach wavy hairstyle with 18 inch best remy hair extensions clip in
chic beach hairstyle for girls 2014  by clip on cheap and best hair extensions