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Long Hairstyles for Girls with Orange Hair Extension Clip in

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When we are walking on the street, most of the girls are in different shades of dark clothes in the freezing winter. Nevertheless, sometimes you can encounter a fashion girl who wears a bright color suit or a colored hairstyle. It is eye-catching!!! We have talked something related to colored hairstyles in the previous posts. But have you ever wanted to dye your hair into orange, which is a warm and enthusiastic color in this winter? Please do not say NO directly without hesitation. I have found some beautiful pictures which are different hairstyles in orange color. Just keep reading and maybe it will bring you some inspirations. All the hairstyles are created with long hair which need girls to make sure the hair length is enough long and the volume is thick to style. If your natural hair is not so that available, you can try the colored hair extensions directly. It is not suggested that you dye all your hair into orange because it will bring some damage to your hair. I am telling the truth, trust me! You can show the exact color you want to dye to us if necessary so that we can customize it for you and will send the product to you ASAP with free shipment.

chic wavy hairstyle for 2014 by clip in human hair extensions for short and thin hair

sexy hairstyle with 20 inch straight human hair extension for thin hair

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#1    Cute hair bow & braid hairstyles
I put the hair bow and braid hairstyles together only because both of them are cute and sweet for girls who are students. They are suitable for young girls and can give others a very lovely feeling. You may need to follow some tutorials about those hairstyles, but none of them are difficult to learn. Cheap human hair extensions can be used here if your hair is not long enough.

sweet and cute hairstyle by clip in wavy colored natural extension for thin hair

hairbow hairstyle with clip in colored hair extensions

easy braided hairstyle by clip on cheap and real colored hair extension

# 2    Updo—side updo & braided updo are both perfect for orange color hair
We cannot forget the most classic hairstyle for party, shopping, holiday or travelling, right? There are so many kinds of up-do for girls to try and they actually deserve your time. Before you scroll your hair into an up-do, you can braid some strands or curl them first. Make your updo at the middle part of the back side of your head or under one side of your ear.

braided updo with flowers and clip in great and natural hair extensions

cute hair style for girls by clip on colored human hair extensions


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#3    Accessories are the brilliant decoration
Flowers, some delicate headband or silver accessories are all the wonderful choices when you style your hair. It can balance the bright of orange color and add some soft elements to the feminine hairstyle.

easy wavy hairstyle with clip in wavy natural hair extension for short hair

beautiful hairstyles with accessories and colored and cheap real extensions clip on

headband hairstyle with best and cheap hair extensions clip in

#4    Straight is easy but attractive
If you have a long, straight and orange colored hairstyle, you must be very attractive in this winter. The great length of hair in orange color is very suitable for girls whose skin tone is white. I like to keep the hair long enough if I want to style it. 24 inch blonde hair extensions can be used to dye the exact color as you like.

super long straight hairstyle with great length colored hair extension clip in

fabulous wavy hairstyle by clip in 22 inch colored natural  human hair extension

straight colored hairstyle with 20 inch remy human hair extension clip on

#5    Loose wavy must be sexy
Keep your hair naturally open and then make them into loose wavy style with the hot curling iron at home. It will not take you so much time to finish it and girl who is over 18 years old can have a try.

sexy hairstyle for winter by clip in 20 inch colored real hair extensions

cute and simple wavy hair with 18 inch real extension for short hair clip in

sweet hairstyle for girls 2014 by clip on colored natural and cheap hair extensions

#6    Curly is cute and easy
It’s well know that curly hair is cute and easy to do. Some of them can be done without the curling iron.

center-parting wavy hairstyle with 24 inch clip in colored remy hair extensions

cute curly hairstyle for girls by clip in real and cheap hair extension for short hair

#7   Ponytail with flowers
Ponytail can make you look younger than the physical age and some flowers applied into one side of the ponytail can make the whole feeling energetic and romantic.

simple ponytail hairstyle with flowers and colored cheap hair extension clip in