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The 8 Most Flattering Cuts for Oval Faces with Cheap Human Hair Extensions

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How many of you have oval face shape? If you are one of the lucky girls, stop for a second and give yourself a round of applause. You have got the most versatile face shape from your parents and it will give you more chances to try almost any hairstyle. However, what are the best and most suitable hairstyles for you? There are so many styles work for you, but you still need to keep in mind some rules so that you can find the perfect one for your personality and hair texture. Although I do not have the perfect oval face shape, I have collected some information from the Internet for you. Most of the hairstyles are styled with long and thick hair. Do not forget the smart assistant—cheap human hair extensions if your hair is short or thin. If you are ready to follow me, you can keep on reading now.

♡    ♡    Rules before you start choosing and hope that it can give you some inspirations. ♡    ♡    ♡     

1.   If you have kept the hairstyle for around a decade, get your hair cut and try a new one without any hesitation.
2.   Try to follow your natural hair texture while you are changing your style. It is true that curly hair can be straightened and straight hair can be curled with iron. But it takes time, money and it will bring your some damage. If your hair is thin and short, don’t expect that it can grow over your shoulder in a very short time. Try clip in hair extensions and it will allow you to make various hairstyles.
3.  Choose the one which suits your personality and lifestyle. It means that if your natural hair is wavy, you had better choose the wavy hair     extensions. Make sure the hair can be styled within 15 minutes. If you need to buy hair extensions, you can check the cheap but remy   extensions for daily creation.

◇    ◇    ◇  Now the following are 8 recommended hairstyles for you to choice. ◇    ◇    ◇    

1.  Cut your hair into different layers. Make sure the hair is longer in the back than the front area. The long layers should arrive at the cheekbones  and the chin so that it will not weigh down your face. It looks so fresh and modern and quite frankly.

Jennifer Aniston brown layer hair by clip in 16 inch brown cheap hair extension

jennifer aniston medium straight hair with best and remy extension clip on

2. Shoulder-length and chin-length hair is suitable for those who want to try a short cut but not ready to take the plunge to go too short. It is energetic and cute for girls with oval faces. 16 inch extensions are available for this hairstyle.
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shoulder length hair by clip in 14 inch extension for thin hair
cute hairstyle with real clip in hair extension

3. Mix your wavy hair and oval face in a perfect way. If your natural hair is wavy and your face is classic oval shape, you can try this style which can give you a fresh feeling.

celebrity wavy hair style with 18 inch brown remy hair extension clip on
sweet wavy hair by clip in wavy brown extension for short hair


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18 inch brown indian remy hair extension uss41818 inch brown indian remy hair extension uss418CHECK PRICE


4. Many girls who have tried bob hairstyle must know that a sleek and sophisticated bob will never go out of style. But I prefer the natural bob haircut which arrives at the chin.

cute bob hair with clip on 14 inch cheap extension
messy bob hairstyle by clip in 14 cheap and best hair extension

5. There are many bangs like side-swept bangs, brown-skimming bangs, long or short bangs, heavy bang, etc. For girls with oval face, you can try the brow-skimming bangs and make sure the ends are a bit longer than the middle part. A long or side-swept bang is also available for high forehead girls who want to show off the eyes.

chic hairstyle for girls in winter 2013 with black cheap hair extension clip on

6. Middle-parted hairstyle with long hair is suitable for girls whose face is true oval shape. If your face is somewhat long or have a big forehead, you are suggested not have a try because this hairstyle will lengthen your face.

loose curly hair for girls with 20 inch cheap hair extension clip on
middle-part hairsytle for girls 2013 by clip on cheap  wavy great extension
sexy wavy hair with cheap and real extension for short hair clip on

7. If your hairline is beautiful and you have the right face shape, you can try this trendy top-knot. Have a try before you wear it outside.

top knot hairstyle with brown cheap hair extension clip in


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8. Keep it naturally open if your hair is curly and not too short. It is sexy and nice for your face shape.

curly long hair for cute girl by clip on 22 inch curly hair extension for thin hair