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12 Latest Celebrity Hairstyles with Extensions—Collection of Nina Dobrev’s Hairstyles

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How many of you have watched the Vampire Diaries? Who is your favorite actress? Girls, I mean the ACTRESS, but not your charming Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) or Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore). I like Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes), Katerina Graham (Bonnie Bennett) and the lead role actress Nina Dobrev who stars as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce. I have to be frank that the figure of her is perfect and sexy, the facial feature is delicate and the outfit is fashion enough. Actually her hairstyles are not so changeable in the VD, but they all look so good and attractive. I am dreaming to have that beautiful face, hairstyles and the faultless stature. Because of the strong feeling of love, envy and even jealous, I have done a collection of her hairstyles by scanning thousand of photos which can be found in Google. I picked out the 12 most popular hairstyles of her and show them to all of you in this post. Hope you can love it and you are welcome. :)

nina dobrev sexy hairstyle for girls 2014 with clip in 18 inch brown hair extensions

1*    Center-parting and naturally open
If your hair length is medium or longer and the shape of your face is oval or round, you can have a try. It can be styled with any types of texture, but I prefer the loose wavy style. You may need the long human hair extensions for help if your natural hair is not so that long.

middle-parting hairstyle for girls 2013 with cheap human hair extensions clip on
center-parting long hairstyle of nina dobrev by clip in long wavy hair extensions

2*    Cute updo with accessories
It can be created even with short hair, you just need to make sure that the hair can be scrolled or twisted into a neat updo. Apply some shining accessories like earrings or silver clips to your updo. It is cute and suitable for girls over 20 years old.

cute updo of celebrity hairstyle with brown hair extension for short hair clip in

3*    Elegant up-do
If you are going to attend a party, this one must be one of the brilliant and classic choices. There are many ways to make an up-do and for the elegant ones, you should make sure that your hair is sleek and long to style.

twisted updo of celebrity by clip on brown ombre colored remy extensions
nina dobrev elegant updo for party by clip on 18 inch natural hair extension

4*    Fishtail braid
Braid your hair into a tidy fishtail can make you look energetic and cute. Nina’s fishtail is about 20 inch long and if you want to have the same feeling, you are suggested to lengthen your hair first with the help of 20 inch hair extensions .

delicate fishtail for celebrity with great length natural and cheap hair extension clip on

5*    High bun
It is an easy and fashion hairstyle for anyone who wants to go shopping, go travelling or go to school. Tutorial about this hairstyle can be found everywhere in the YouTube and I am sure it is a basic hairstyle that everyone can make it well.

high bun hairstyle for party by clip on 18 inch best and cheap human extensions

6*    High ponytail
High ponytail can be seen all year round and this is one of my favorite daily hairstyles. It is convenience, easy and simple to style within 5 minutes.

easy high ponytail for girls 2014 with straight 22 inch natural hair extension clip on
messy high bun for party by clip on 20 inch brown wavy hair extensions for thin hair
sleek long ponytail with 24 inch real extension clip on


20 inch wavy medium brown human hair extension 115g usw32020 inch wavy medium brown human hair extension 115g usw320CHECK PRICE

22 inch wavy medium brown human hair extension 125g usw32222 inch wavy medium brown human hair extension 125g usw322CHECK PRICE


7*    Long layer-cut
Layer-cut hairstyle can help you to shape your face. Girls whose face is not so that oval can have a try.

long layer cut hair with side fringre and 20 inch brown extension clip on

8*    Loose and sexy way
Almost all the celebrities have tried this hairstyle because it is sexy, charming, chic, amazing and full of feminine for female. It is so easy to create and can be available in all situations.

loose and sexy hairstyle by clip on wavy 24 inch natural and cheap hair extension
easy and chic wavy hairstyle for girls with 20 inch wavy human extension clip on

9*    Messy low ponytail
If you want to achieve a causal and messy feeling but don’t want to spend too much time, you can simply brush all you hair and tie them into a low ponytail like Nina.

messy easy long ponytail for party by clip in 18 inch straigth hair extension for short hair

10*    Side ponytail with flower
You can twist your hair or braid them before you tie them with elastic. After you finish, you can apply a flower to the ponytail. My suggestion is artificial flower because the natural flower cannot maintain for a long time if you go out for a party.

side pontail with flower and 18 inch curly hair extension clip on


24 inch light auburn  hair extension uss302424 inch light auburn hair extension uss3024CHECK PRICE

22 inch brown human hair extension 125g uss32222 inch brown human hair extension 125g uss322CHECK PRICE


11*    Side swept up-do
If you make the updo side swept, it will be cute than the normal one. You can twist your hair or braid them before scrolling them into a side updo.

side swept updo for girls with cheap and real extension for thin hair clip on

12*   Waterfall braid
This is one of the hairstyles I must have a try this year. I love it soooo much because it is so cute and sweet.

cute waterfall braided hairstyle with 22 inch brown natural extension clip in

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Permalink to 7 Braided Hairstyles for Wedding in Autumn 2013

7 Braided Hairstyles for Wedding in Autumn 2013

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Wedding hairstyles with braids are a hot trend now. Both the bride and bridesmaids can try the braided hairstyle for the big day. Braids can be incorporated into many different types of bridal hairstyles including all down, updo and ponytail to create a soft, romantic bohemian look. Braids fit any type of hair from thin to thick and you only need to care about what is the right one that can make your look more beautiful. There are many wedding hairstyle tutorials on the Internet, if you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, you can follow those steps and try to do it on your own. For brides who are planning for their big day, you can show one of the photos below to your hairstylist.

fall wedding hairstyle 2013
Image Source:  tulleandchantilly.com

We still have glamorous bridesmaids hairstyles, wedding hairstyles with flowers, wedding hairstyle for Cinderella theme for your check.

Waterfall braids
Looking for a special hairstyle for a wedding? Whether your hair is shoulder length or even longer, you can create a gorgeous waterfall braid in no time.Meanwhile, this hairstyle is recommended for those with long hair so that the fall can look better. It will not take a long time for you to make waterfall braids and the curl of the open part of your hair can make the whole feeling much better. You can choose the hair color as you like and for most of the brides, the brown or brown ombre hair colors are a good choice.

awesome braided waterfall hairstyle for girls with best wavy hair extensions
trend waterfall braided hair for wedding by clip in wavy human hair extension
wedding hairstyle turotorial with clip on hair extensions

Braided Updo
With autumn just around the corner, learning how to make an elegant braided updo for weddings or all your outdoor parties is quite necessary. It’s really easy and quick, and it can stay in a tidy state till the end of the wedding. Both the bride and bridesmaid can wear this hairstyle. Adding some flowers which are natural or artificial can make you look charming and elegant enough.

elegant braided wedding updo with long brown clip in extensions
chic braided updo for wedding 2013 by clip in medium brown hair extensions

parted down middle braided updo for wedding with cheap brown hair extensions

Side-swept updo
Actually, this is only a bit different from the previous hairstyle. Start the braid from one side of your face and end it on the other side. Scroll it to make an updo and use a rubber band to secure it. Hair accessories like silver flower or baby breath can be added as you like.

side swept braided updo wedding hairstyle with long straight hair extension
flattering braided side swept hair with best clip on human hair extensions
braided side swept wedding hair with blonde clip on human extension

Braided headband
If you are not interested in braiding all of your hair, you can braid some strands to make a cute headband. Leave the other hair naturally open or curl them to make loose waves.

braided headband with brown ombre color hair extension
beautiful braided headband for wedding 2013 with best long hair extension
long black braided headband for black women wedding with long wavy human hair extension


French braided updo
French braids share some similarities with waterfall, but French braided hair can always be tied into a ponytail or scroll into an updo. Hair accessories can be added along the braids.

best bride braid updo hairstyle with long brown color hair extension clip in
french braided updo with flowers and clip on straight human hair extension
braided updo tutorial with straight and cheap human hair extensions clip on

Braid ponytail/fishtail
Tying your braids into a ponytail or fishtail is a hot choice for bridesmaid. It is suitable for different age groups. While you are making the ponytail, you can leave some fringes or you can braid them together.

trend wedding hairstyle by clip on cheap long hair extension
braid ponytail for wedding 2013 autumn with long straight human hair extension clip in

braided hairstyles

Cute heart braid
It must be one of the most cute and sweet hairstyles, which is popular among girls. You can braid the hair on your back into a cute heart shape in the middle, and you can also braid a side heart on one side of your head and leave the left hair naturally open. Beside, you can pick two strands on both sides and braid them respectively. After you finish the two braids, use a rubber band to tie them into a heart shape.

sweet heart shape hairstyle with medium brown hair extension
cute and fashion heart hairsytle with clip on brown human hair extensions

side heart hairstyle with brown ombre color hair extension clip on

Permalink to The Best and Brilliant Way to Color Your Hair: Brunette Hair Extensions

The Best and Brilliant Way to Color Your Hair: Brunette Hair Extensions

Posted on by Bella / Posted in Curly Hairstyles, Ombre Hairstyles, Straight Hairstyles, Wavy Hairstyles | Tagged , , , | Leave a comment

Have you ever noticed that most of the celebrities preferred brunette hair color when they were attending parties or ceremonies? Hairstyles may be changeful and hair color can also be various, but the main part of hair color is always brunette. Do you have a natural brunette hair? Or are you eager to master an easy and good way to style your hair into funky brunette? It is true that brunette hair extensions can be helpful here and many hairstyles can be created with it, including the hottest ombre hairstyle.

brunette and red wavy hair with brunette human hair extension

Girls who are not interested in brunette hair color can check out highlight your hair with ombre hair extensions, ombre hair color on black women’s hairstyles, ombre hair color match different skin-tone, and more in the content of  ombre hairstyles.

Dip-dye hairstyle is a trend amongst celebrities and fashionistas like Rachel Bilson. You can choose to dye the ends of your hair to create an ombre look or go a step further and dye it with a bright color. If your natural hair color is black, you can try the same color by clipping in brunette hair extensions. Or, you can try the clip in ombre color hair extensions directly.

rachel brunette medium ombre hairstyle with best clip in human hair extensions
brunette dip dye hairstyle with cheap medium hair extensions

20 inches Wavy Two Tone Ombre Clip on Hair Extensions usw150 115g20 inches Wavy Two Tone Ombre Clip on Hair Extensions usw150 115gCHECK PRICE

18 inches straight two tone ombre clip on hair extensions uss161 100g18 inches straight two tone ombre clip on hair extensions uss161 100gCHECK PRICE


Voluminous side-swept up-do
The full impact of Jessica Alba showed in the picture shocked me a lot. Up-do must be the most welcome and brilliant hairstyle for those who are going to attend some important gatherings. Before you make your up-do into a side-swept style, you can wear brunette hair extensions so that your up do seems to be voluminous and in a beautiful brunette color. Match this hairstyle with sultry, smoky eye make-up and a Hollywood smile can help you get one step closer to Jessica.

side-swept updo with brunette clip in human hair extension
chic side updo with medium brunette hair extensions clip in

Two-tone style
There is not such a rule that brunette can be the only color of hair roots. When you are about to make a two-tone ombre color style, why not try a reverse fade? Beyoncé has sported the golden to brunette hair in a perfect way. For girls whose natural hair is golden, this hairstyle deserves your attention and try. By adding brunette hair extensions in the middle part of your back hair, and leaving the golden streaks at the roots, you can have this gorgeous hairstyle.

Beyonce brunette ombre hairstyle with straight hair extension clip on

16 Inch Brunette Medium Clip In Human Hair Extensions 95g USS101616 Inch Brunette Medium Clip In Human Hair Extensions 95g USS1016CHECK PRICE

22 Inch Light auburn Wavy Human Hair Extension 125g USW302222 Inch Light auburn Wavy Human Hair Extension 125g USW3022CHECK PRICE


Classical brunette to blonde
If you are a brunette but want to dabble in blonde, Vanessa Hudgens can be a good model for you to follow. She dips her toe in the ombre hair trend by adding soft blonde tips for her wavy brunette hair. You can also try your hand at this hairstyle if you own a natural and healthy brunette hair.

brunette to blonde hair styels with long wavy brown ombre color hair extensions clip in

Just brunette
1) Glossy wavy
If you have a beautiful brunette hair hue, you can simply wear your hair in a natural wavy look. The loose breezy waves is easy to style and is very popular among many celebrities like Tulisa Contostavlos, Katie Holmes and etc. Sexy and elegant enough.

glossy wavy brunette hairstyle with ombre color hair extension
loose wavy hairstyle by clip in brunette wavy hair extensions

2) Polish straight
For girls who have a brunette hair, this hairstyle like Ashley Greene’s is the best and easiest one to make. The only thing you need to do is make your hair long and straight enough.

polish straight brunette hairstyle by clip in best human long hair extensions

3) Super-long tresses
Both Selena Gomez and Angelina Julie chose this hairstyle and they look gorgeous and sexy. By adding some soft and loose curls throughout your locks, and applying a conditioning serum so that your hair can look glossy and feel great.

angelina julie super long tress by long brunette color hair extensions clip in

4) Side-swept fringe
Laid-back style will be a nice choice for the autumn hairstyle. Side-swept fringe which is care-free can help some of you to shape your face and establish a feminine feeling.

side-swept fringe with clip in  brunette hair extensions

5) Side-swept curly ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

sexy celebrities side swept curly hair style with wavy brunette human hair extensions

22 Inch chestnut brown Human Hair Extension 125g USW62222 Inch chestnut brown Human Hair Extension 125g USW622CHECK PRICE

24 Inch Brunette Medium Clip In Human Hair Extensions 135g USW102424 Inch Brunette Medium Clip In Human Hair Extensions 135g USW1024CHECK PRICE


Highlights is another choice for those who want a piece of the dip-dye trend but are a little shy. Adding some glossy or warm, reddish highlights into your brunette locks or simply to the ends of your hair can help you get the look you want quickly.

highlights hairstyle by clip on medium wavy brunette extension
red and brunette highlights hairstyle with best and cheap hair extensions 2013

Everyone can try
Maybe there are only a few people interested in this bold hairstyle, but the autumn brown hair hue is really attractive in the following season. This crimped look may bring you a new feeling and experience.

crimped brunette hairstyle with clip in human hair extensions
meidum youthful crimped look with curly hair extensions clip on