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Three-tone Human Ombre Extensions for Cute Hairstyles New Year 2014 Looks

Uwo320 at vpfashion and usw149 at blog.vpfashion is a wavy three-tone human hair ombre extension clip on. The sample one has darkest brown roots, light auburn middle part and honey blonde ends. The color combination is realy for hot looks. It is a perfect option for sexy and charming looks. For new year 2014, the style in ombre colors will bring you youth, luck and good forture, since it is bright and shining. If you happen to have thin hair and want to celebrity new year in a new look, try the wavy long hair extensions to add volume, change new hair style in five minute without bring any damages.

black roots brown middle and blonde ends ombre extensions clip on for cute winter hair styles

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Three tone Ombre Hair Extensions from black , brown and blonde for  long wavy hair styles


Customized ombre hair color is available. The sample one has Top 20%, Middle 60% , Bottom 20% . You are able to choose any ombre color proportion which suits your hair color. For example, you have natual black hair color, for the best color mathing, you can choose #1 as top color, dark brown in the middle, and other hair color at ends, making hair color change according to your own favor. Check our color chart for your desired one.

the ombre style color chart

Black Brown and Blonde Hair extensions from vofashion blog to have long casual hairstyles with flowers

Celebrities tried three colors ombre extensions for public looks. Get inspirations from celebrity hair styles.

Human Hair Three Colors Ombre Extensions for Celbeirty Long hair Looks 2014

At the age of 16 to 25, cute hair styles with three-tone ombre color never go out
of trend. Adding a subtle braid is the quickest and easiest way to have cute looks for new year, and kinds of parties. Get a small section of hair on one side and braid it tightly. Leave a few inches loose without braiding and secure the braid tail with an elastic. A sexy and cute look is done.

sexy charming three ombre hair extensions for shoulder length long hair looks 2014

Johanna youtube gurus three ombre extensions hair clip on before after wavy looks shoulder-length hair style

hair extensions before and after looks with 22 inches wavy clip on three ombre

Another easy cute hair style is braided headband. It only takes a couple of minutes to have the look. keeping fringe off you face, adding ombre colors, a modern and trendy hair look is done.

Straight braided hair style for 2014 new year simple yet cute looks

Half up half down is another hot one. You clip the extension to your hair, and still are allowed to tied them up to have half up and half down hair looks.

three tone long wavy ombre for half up half down girlish hair looks

youtube gurus long wavy ombre hair for thicker and fuller looks

In the previous posts about other three ombre styles , hot sales at,  many girls are very interested. If you want to know more other ombre styles. Click the following posts.

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At or, you can find three-tone ombre hair extensions. As for color proportions, hair length, you can personalize yours as you like for free. We’d love to hear about your thoughts and ideas on extensions hair clip on in ombre color and solid-color. Contact us at: For more three-tone hair, click here.

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