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If one of the following applies to you:

  • Wanna change your hair color without dyeing
  • Wondering about the right color proportions of ombre extensions to blend naturally with their own existing color.
  • Looking forward to lengthening and thickening their natural ombre hair or even achieving the latest balayage look.
  • Not quite clear about what extensions (color and/or style) and only have a sample picture of their dream style.


Please feel free to email us at service@vpfashion.com and we are sure to give you helpful suggestions related to hair extension styles as well as hair color.
Girls who have personal Instagram accounts can raise a question by @ or #vpfashion and we will be able to give you a reply asap. 

To make the ombre extensions blend well with your own hair, please read the following tips:

  • Send us clear pictures of your hair, which are taken from the back of your head.

Note1: Please avoid any bright lights or direct sunshine, natural light is the best.
 Note2: Please make sure the hair color in the photos, are the same as your genuine hair color.



    • Inform us of the effect you want to produce.                  

1. Ombre color effects (top \middle\bottom color) or Balayage effects.
(Sending us some reference pictures of Ombre / Balayage hair is highly recommended.)


eg. I want this ombre hair color which is same as the picture shown above.

2. How long and roll degree (wavy / curly) do you want your extensions to be?
(Send us some reference pictures of your favorite styles, if you feel necessary.)



eg. I want this ombre hair color which is same as the picture shown above.

* Note 1: If you don’t know how to choose a color or color proportion, you can simply let us know and we’ll have one of our very own stylists take care of your dilemma.

* Note2: Consider using a better color to blend with your own hair, our stylists will make the correct color proportions to your own hair color while choosing ombre color extensions, so the extensions will be a little bit different from what you may expect. Click here to see how our stylists choose color proportions.