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Top 15 Colorful Hairstyles, When Hairstyle Meets Color

New season is coming. Have you been ready to show new outfits, different shades of makeup, and of course new hairstyles~ When various hairstyles meet color, the final look is truly a magic. Check out these 15 colorful hairstyles and create your fabulous hair this season.

  • Braids

Wonderful silver blue ombre hairstyle with cute braids, work by @chitabeseau. hair color, mermaid, blue hair, silver hair, french braid

Somky purple from @glamiris, this color is amazing, purple hair, braids hairstyle, purple hair, french braid

Beautiful French braid with dramatic rose hair color, by @paulcallaghanhair, hair color, mermaid, red hair, pink hair, french braid

Mermaid teal ombre hair color style. Love this hairstyle so much, hair color, mermaid, teal hair, green hair, french braid, ombre hair color

Turquoise ombre hairstyle. Love this mermaid look so much, work by @sadiejcre8s , green hair, teal hair, turquoise hair color, top bun, french braids

  • Top Buns

Grey ombre is always so beautiful~ Love this cut top buns, grey hair, silver hair, top buns hairstyle

Two top buns with wonderful turquoise hair color, this style is style, hairstyle, turquoise hair color, green hair color, hair style

  • Underlights

This galaxy hair color matches this hairstyle perfectly~ two modes with underlights, galaxy hair color, underlights haircolor, buns

Two modes hairstyles~ love this purple ombre hair color and style so much, work by @theniksters, purple hair, ombre hair style, hairstyle

Hidden rainbow~ perfect match between purple and rainbow hair color, work by @cryistalchaos, purple hair color, rainbow hair color, french braids, half-up & half-down

  • With Hair Extensions – Not just wearing, extensions are also helpful to create some amazing hairstyles.

Beautiful grety hair color with cute top buns, love this look from @kiittenymph, grey hair, long hair style, vpfashion, hair extensions

Wonderful green ombre hairstyle from @lilmoonchildd~ from black to dark green, bright green~ green hair, hair extensions, french braids

Orange hair color is also incredible nice~ with cut top bun,pretty hairstyle from @thekamirenee, orange hair color, top bun, hair extensions, long hair style, long wavy hair

Amazing side braid hairstyle from @mariaamanda_official, love this pretty pink hair color, pink, side braid, pink ombre, hair extensions, long hair

Elegant French braid with nice grey hair color~ this look from @mirandahedman is beautiful like a dream, grey hair, braids, hairstyle, hair extensions, hairstyles


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