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Top 7 Hairstyles Girl in Their 20s can Style for Autumn

When one starts to style a great haircut, there are two key aspects should be taken into consideration. You should find a hairstyle that flatters your face shape and then you must consider your hair texture. If your hair is fine, you are suggested to wear shorter and layered hairstyle. Otherwise, you need to have longer style. Besides, girls in different age groups can try different hairstyles according to their age. If you are 60s, you don’t have to get a helmet hairstyle. In fact, you can try a younger look and a lighter color so that the wrinkle of the years can be taken away from your face. On the contrary, girls in their 20s, you can do just about anything.
It is absolutely the best time for a girl to try out all types of haircuts, hair colors and styles as she like. The hair grows as fast as it ever will in life and you needn’t worry about the volume or length of your hair. You can cut it into a cute bob or style it into a beachy waves if they grow longer enough. Short hair can help you appear more mature or like a kid and a long gorgeous style can make you into a sexy and romantic female. Here are a few things you need to think about before you start.

❀ Things You Need to Know before You Start

·  Who do you want to be?
Girls in their 20s are working in different posts. It is quite necessary to establish yourselves in a career. A funky look can be styled in a more artsy job and one need to be more professional if she is in a more conservative atmosphere. It doesn’t mean that some of the hairstyles are bad, it only depends on your job category and the person you want to be.
·  Find the right length and color with experiment.
Actually when you are wondering about which is the right color or length for you to choose, you cannot experiment one by one through dyeing your hair or cutting it. It is hazardous for your hair and the hair length cannot be so changeable as you wish. You may need to wait for a period so that your hair can grow thick and long as before. Besides, as the key to reinvention, hair color needs a careful dye but it may hurt the scalp. A very easy and fast way to achieve the feeling you want is by clipping in human hair extensions. You are suggested to choose 100% human hair extensions so that they can blend in with your natural hair in a perfect way.

❀ Hairstyles Gallery for Your Reference

You may need brown hair extensions for help.

Braid your hair—–You won’t look ridiculous with a nice braid

chic braided hairstyle for female 20s by clip in brown hair extensions

flattering braided hair style in autumn with straight silky hair extension clip in

boho rose braid tutorial for girl in autumn with hair extensions

Topsy tail—-You won’t be childish.

best and top topsy tial hair by clip in brown human hair extension

messy tail hair style for wedding in 2013 autumn with wavy brown hair extension clip on

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topsy tail hair tutorial by clip in silky straight long brown hair extensions

topsy tail tutorial with blonde clip on long hair extension

Top-knot—–You won’t look silly in a top knot.

street knot hair style by clip in brown  medium hair extensions

cute top knot hair for girl in 20s with short hair extension clip in

fashion and trend top knot by clip in straight human hair extension

easy and simple top knot with dark brown hair extension clip on

Ponytail—–You won’t need a long time to create it.

beautiful ponytail hair for school with clip on hair extensions

twisted ponytail hair for girls party in autumn by clip on brown hair extensions

Fishtail—-You won’t feel the hairstyle is too plain.

romantic fishatail braids for wedding in 2013 autumn by clip on hair extension

trend fishatail hair for girls with clip on long straight cheap extension

little fishtail  hair with cheap long light brown hair extensions easy fishtail tutorial by clip on long brown hair extension

Messy twist—-You won’t worry about the twist will bring side-effect.

youthful and fashion messy twist hair bun with cheap clip on medium extension

funky twisted hairstyle by clip in silky best extension

simple messy twist tutorial with clip on blonde straight hair extension

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Colorful hair—–You won’t be questioned when you go out with pink hair.

fashion and best colored hairstyle in autumn with hair extensions clip on

Remember you are still in your 20s and you don’t want to be a Daddy’s Girl by following all the rules. It is a precious age that you can do so much more than you can in your following years. So just go for it and figure out who you are with the most comfortable look. You’ll feel thankful that your do have a try when you recall the good old days.

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