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Trending Red Hair looks and Ideas with 613a hair extensions

Red hair just goes with you in the season. Fashion gurus on Instagram and Youtube turn to red hairs, such as Tracihines and Fritzidtd. And I believe that it would be a fashion trend among girls who love red. And with the help of hair extensions, you can quick turn to be a mermaid with long red wavy hair, like pretty Tracihines.

tracihines red mermaid hair with vpfashion extensions

Here I collect a list of hot red looks shared by our beauties. Maybe you can get hair inspirations from one of them. Try one style with hot color for a new look.


The red ombre hair color looks great on fritzidtd. With 613a white blonde extensions, Fritzidtd turns her short hair into long thicker style, and wears more obvious ombre look. The style: 20inches 115g high quality hair extension. link:

long thicker red hairstyles looks


Ashcostello wears cool red & black hair. She is a creative girl, and applies creative ideas into her hair style. Order white blonde 613a extension to dye into half red and half black style and then apply it. Use code ‘ashcostello01’ for $10 OFF ur purchase! With a dark flower headband on and delicate makeup, the whole look is just a piece of art. High taste and high lever in Ashcostello look.

cool half red half black wavy hairstyles looks


How beautiful and vibrant ombre hair from red to yellow! It looks like a fire. Animeejadore is a hair coloring expert. She purchased a white blonde 613a extension from vpfashion and then dyed it into top red bottom yellow ombre style. The style: 22inches 220g hair extension. Follow her and get more hair color inspirations:

Use ‘aimeejadore01’ for $10 OFF on each order.

red and yellow ombre hair colors for 2015 new trends

purple and pink colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions cs010 purple and pink colorful  hair extensions cs010$111 Free Shipping

Custom color indian remy clip in hair extensions Custom color indian remy clip in hair extensions$119 Free Shipping


Hanoverboard dyes 18inches 160g hair extension into two colors: hot red and red pink ombre. She applies the two styles and pin them into a picture. Which one u like better? Or you have your own ideas? Comment below and let’s know what we can do to help you.

Use ‘hanoverboard01’ for $10 off

hot red hair colors with pink at bottom for 2015 trendy looks


Half red & black hair look showed off by our guru starfuckedmodel. Get the awesome two colors on both sides inspirations from the photo. If you are a hair color DIYer like starfuckeredmodel. Try our white blonde 613a to color your desired hair look. Half red hair style with delicare makeup is a cool look.

Use ‘starfucked01’ to get $10 OFF!

half red half black hair colors with 613a hair extensions


Like the long pink locks? Lean from our guru Creepitcute who uses our 24inches 260g 613a hair extension to color into pink. The pink is bright and natural. The hair coloring process is made a video in her Youtube channel: creepitcute! If you are interested in hair coloring, you can learn the skill here. And then you can test whether you have mastered it or not by trying our 613a extension to have your desired color. link:

Use ‘creepit01’ for $10 off!

long pink hair colors with dyed 613a hair extensions


Mermaiderotica wears red pink ombre curls. The hair color&styles and the sweetheart black lace dress are perfect for sexy hair looks. She uses our 22inches 220g 613a extension to achieve the hot hair look. With the feature of being curled and dying repeatedly, she can make full use of her hair coloring skill. Use ‘mermaiderotica01‘ for $10 OFF. link:

sexy red pastel hair colors for 2015 looks

Medium Violet-Red

Medium violet red hair with braided half up adds a touch of warmth to the sea view. The shade of red can be colored with our high quality easy-to-dye 613a extension.


braided half up hairstyles in red shade

Black Red Ombre Style

Why does it win the attention of 1240 girls? The answer is its pink dip dye hair color. You want to achieve the hot hair look on your own with our white blonde 613a extensions, or enjoy hair color customization at Email us to let us know your requests to better service you.  link:

black and red ombre hair styles&colors for 2015 looks


The lovely girl shows how bold and bright red her hair is. The look on the right is styled sized curls to add more volume. What’s more? The red style has black highlights. Do you fall in love it? Use our super-easy to dye 613a for color dyeing to achieve red hair with back highlights. link:

red trendy wavy hairstyles and colors

Youtube Red

Rich red curls with blunt-bangs are pretty much all what we want our hair to look. For the up-coming 2014 winter/2015, you can dye our 613a white blonde extension into the hot red. Wanna have a try now? Come to colorful hair extension page to get inspiration or order 613a to dye your desired color on your own. link:

hot red  hair colors in soft curls

Hot Red Hair collected from Pin, which can be colored with our 613a white blonde extensions.

bright red hair colors in soft waves and half up hairstyles

red hair colors in different styles

purple red hair colors for 2015 hot looks


Light Ash Brown Pink Ombre Indian Remy Clip in Hair Extensions MS14p1 Pink Ombre Indian Remy Clip in Hair Extensions MS14p1$111 Free Shipping

pink ombre indian remy clip in hair extensions cs019 pink ombre indian remy clip in hair extensions cs019$111 Free Shipping

colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions cs014 colorful indian remy clip in hair extensions cs014$111 Free Shipping

For the above IG bella red locks, simply use our dye-able 613a# clip in human extensions! Get fun for DIY color dyeing!


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